Some Opinions About High Power Fiber Laser Cutter

Recent years, the fiber laser cutting processing has developed rapidly, and the demand for high power fiber laser cutting equipment has continued to grow.According to the contradiction between supply and demand in the ultra-high power of the current market, SENFENG LEIMING research team has developed and produced 8KW fiber laser cutter to 36KW high power fiber laser cutter, It has been successfully introduced to the international market and has witnessed a large number of customers worldwide.

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Today, based on the 8KW fiber laser cutting machine, we will talk about the advantages of our high power fiber optic cutting machine compared with low or medium power and ultra high power machines. After our 8000w fiber laser cutter go on the market, its performance is quite stable, and the cutting quality and cutting efficiency completely exceeded expectations.Lower energy consumption, durable, and friendly human-machine interaction
First of all, compared with the low and medium power, for example, 3KW fiber laser cutter, it with almost doubled cutting speed and effect, and the efficiency is very high, the cutting section is brighter and smoother, and with great cutting quality,the cutting thickness of stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloys has been greatly improved. We can refer to the following cutting parameter table. According to the limit test of our metal materials (the specific cutting thickness needs to be determined by your material), it can be easily found that the performance of 8000W fiber laser cutting machine is much better than 3000W.

high power fiber laser cutter

Also,at this time, some customers may be will want to ask, is it the higher power, the better performance? In fact, the best choice of power is based on the most metal materials thickness that be processed by consumers. This will be the most cost-effective and good job. If you choose a machine with too high power, it will cause unnecessary waste in terms of purchase cost and power consumption. 
But in the actual purchase process, according to different demands, the specific recommended power should be determined according to the recommendations of our sales manager. They will give you a nice advice for you a high performance metal cut processing and cost save. So, if you have a demand for high-power laser cutting machines, you can leave us a message or send us email, we will quickly provide you with industry solutions.

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