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Steel laser cutter machine has come into our life from the industrial field, it is suitable for cutting more and more metal materials. However, when using steel laser cutter machine to cut different materials, the cutting method also should be adjusted properly to achieve the ideal cutting quality. Here are some skills.

1. Stainless steel cutting

Nitrogen is generally used as auxiliary gas to cut stainless steel to prevent oxidation, however, the effect of cutting with oxygen may be worse than that with nitrogen, resulting in black end face.

2. Carbon steel cutting

Generally, using oxygen as auxiliary gas to cut carbon steel will get better results. By using the reaction heat of oxygen, the cutting efficiency can be improved in a large range, the oxide film can also improve the spectral absorption factor of the reflective material. When using oxygen for processing, there is a problem that the edge may be slightly oxidized, if the user with strict requirements, then can use nitrogen with high-pressure to cut, of course, the workpiece surface can be oiled to achieve better cutting effect.

3. Aluminum cutting

Aluminum is a highly reflective material among metal materials, which has high reflectivity and thermal conductivity. In recent years, many steel laser cutter manufacturers have been equipped with “anti-reflection devices” on laser equipment to adapt to aluminum cutting. Without “anti-reflection devices”, it may have damage to machine optical components. Aluminum is also more suitable for cutting with nitrogen, and the cutting effect is good.

4. Brass and copper cutting

Like aluminum, copper and brass are highly anti-reflective materials and need to be cut with a machine which equip with an “anti-reflection device”.

These are the skills of cutting different metal materials with steel laser cutter machine. If you want to get more useful skills about our machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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