Siemens Standard Motors Ltd. Renamed as “Innomotics GmbH”

Siemens Standard Motors Ltd. (referred to as “SSML”), Siemens’ largest low voltage motor production and research base all over the world, declares that it will officially change its name to “Innomotics” from June to July 2024. This change is part of Siemens’ strategic deployment in response to a new round of industrial revolution and industrial transformation, aiming to further improve energy efficiency and reliability and promote green and low-carbon industrial transformation and sustainable development.

Since its establishment, SSML has been leading the techniques development in the motor field and serves a large number of industrial customers globally. With the continuous optimization and adjustment of the company business model, and quick response to the outer market changes, the SSML decided to integrate the business related to low to high-voltage motors, gear motors, medium-voltage inverters, and electric spindles. Innomotics GmbH, an independently operated wholly-owned subsidiary, was established on July 1, 2023.

Innomotics GmbH has 5 affiliated companies in China, including a regional headquarters and 4 factories, as well as 13 branches and 4 R&D centers, with a total of approximately 3,500 employees. These constitute one of the main R&D and manufacturing bases of Innomotics in the world.

Although the company name will change, the BEIDE trademark, management system, and SSML’s unified social credit identifier remain the same. This change only involves the adjustment of the product manufacturer’s name. Innomotics China BEIDE Motor Division will proceed in the integration of global resources and local trademark advantage so that it can quickly and better respond to the market needs in China.

Innomotics make a commitment that it will continue all the production equipment, products, quality systems, and business procedures of Siemens Standard Motors Ltd. As a leading company, Innomotics will continuously promote the sustainable development of the industrialization process, opening a new chapter.

SSML rename as Innomotics

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