Sheet Metal Laser Cutter for Metal Curtain Wall Business

Recent years, metal curtain wall is more and more favored by the architectural circle with its good strength, flexible and changeable processing performance and safety. How to do this job well? Sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine is your wisdom choice. 

The common cutting technology of metal plate mainly includes CNC machine and water jet cutting. But the plane always has burr, and the bending is prone to crack. With the development of laser processing technology, sheet metal fiber laser cutter is strongly enter to the field of metal processing, with the characteristics of stable cutting of a variety metals, including aluminum alloy, copper and other high reflectivity materials. It attracted much attention in the field of metal building materials processing.In order to in an advantageous position in the competition, shorten the manufacturing cycle and improve the product quality, the laser cutting technology is considered simultaneously in the technological transformation.

sheet metal laser cutter

Why Choose sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

1, High Precision

The metal fiber laser cutter adopts intelligent cutting control system. The large-scale plate is processed in one time, Also easy precise positioning the round hole during cut processing.

2, Efficient and Material Saving

Sheet metal laser cutter can meet the requirements of small and medium-sized batch production, which is conducive to the development of new products. Flexible processing, production can be adjusted at any time according to the situation. Automatic typesetting and nesting to improve the utilization of plate, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

3, Low maintenance cost

Sheet metal laser cutting machine has high electro-optical conversion ratio, laser device maintenance free, stable performance, long lifespan and low maintenance cost.

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