Senfeng Ultra-large Bevel Laser Cutting Machine Contributes to Improving Machining Production Capacity

For the machinery industry, the preparation before welding of structural parts, the quality, precision and efficiency of the bevel are the key factors affecting product quality and cost. There are many ways to bevel: punching, grinding, carbon arc gouging, plasma cutting, etc. However, the efficiency of most processes is very low. Until the appearance of the bevel laser cutting machine, this problem has been greatly solved, and the processing efficiency and finished product quality have been greatly improved.

Senfeng Ultra-large bevel laser cutting machine integrates performance advantages such as ultra-high power, ultra-high precision, super stability, intelligent operating system, convenience and efficiency, and promotes the improvement of industry production efficiency and the upgrading of the laser equipment industry .

1. Higher Accuracy

Compared with ordinary vertical cutting applications, the difficulty of bevel cutting applications increases geometrically. The working process is briefly described as follows: According to the NC command, the database of the numerical control system automatically reads the rotation angle and the swing angle as the offset compensation of the axis, and adjusts the attitude of the rotary axis and the swing axis in real time. At the same time, the capacitance height adjustment monitors the position of the steel plate, and the feedback height position signal enables the cutting head to complete the bevel cutting process at a constant cutting height. Senfeng Ultra-large bevel laser cutting machine can provide a one-stop solution for bevel processing, and can complete V, X, Y bevels at one time, replacing multiple processes such as traditional cutting and milling. The cutting parts have high dimensional accuracy and high surface quality, greatly improving efficiency, ensuring quality and saving resources.

2. Faster, More efficient

Traditional bevel cutting is easily affected by external factors, resulting in unstable cutting technology, uneven quality of processed parts, and low production efficiency. Senfeng Ultra-large bevel laser cutting machine, double beam design, can run independently at the same time. While the three-axis straight-cut beam is used for batch blanking of the entire board, the five-axis bevel cutting beam can process some complex workpieces such as bevel and sink holes. Moreover, Senfeng Ultra-large bevel laser cutting machine has a compact structure, a small footprint, and simple and convenient maintenance and management. It is equipped with a special FANUC control system for five-axis linkage laser processing, with a maximum operating speed of 80m/min and a maximum acceleration of 0.8g, realizing high-speed, high-precision, and multi-functional laser processing.

3. Safe and environment-friendly, stable performance

Senfeng Ultra-large bevel laser cutting machine adopts intelligent partition dust removal design, and divides the cutting table into small areas of 2 meters x 0.5 meters. The receiving trolley forms a back-type seal with the bottom of the workbench. Large-diameter dust removal air ducts are used on both sides of the workbench, and two ultra-large air volume and ultra-quiet fans are standard. According to the cutting position, the system automatically controls to open the adjacent air door and close other air doors to realize independent ventilation in a small area. At the same time, the machine tool is equipped with a safety light curtain as standard. When personnel are working on the cutting table and the distance between them and the beam is too close, the machine tool will quickly receive feedback and stop running immediately to ensure personal safety. At the same time, the machine tool itself is equipped with multiple guarantees such as fixed limit and soft limit, which automatically monitors the operating range of the beam and cutting head, reduces the risk of equipment accidents, and minimizes the risk of manual use. Powerful safety protection settings can not only ensure the requirements of environmental protection and the health of operators, but also protect the precision optical components in the cutting head from smoke and dust pollution, prolonging the service life of the equipment.

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