SENFENG Exhibits at APPP EXPO 2023 in Shanghai -SENFENG

Exhibition Name: APPP EXPO 2023

Exhibition Time: 18-21.06.2023

Venue: National exhibition and convention center (Shanghai)

Booth No.: A0225

professional laser machine manufacturer

APPP EXPO 2023 is one of the largest exhibitions in the advertising and signage industry worldwide, and it will be held in Shanghai in 2023. This exhibition will bring together top companies and professionals from around the world to showcase the latest technologies and products, providing an important platform for the development of the advertising and signage industry.

As a professional laser machine manufacturer, SENFENG will participate in APPP EXPO 2023 and showcase its advanced laser technology.

The robotic and handheld laser welding machine is a highly efficient and precise welding device that can be used for welding various metal materials. It uses advanced robot technology to automatically identify welding positions and angles, achieving high-speed and high-quality welding. At the same time, through customized fixtures and a one-button switching control system, it can also realize handheld welding with ease.

The two types of laser cutting machines with a pull-out platform are another important products of SENFENG. They use advanced laser cutting technology to quickly and accurately cut various metal materials. At the same time, the pull-out workbench is more convenient for sheet metal loading and unloading on the premise of meeting the needs of conventional sheet metal processing.

At APPP EXPO 2023, SENFENG will showcase these advanced products and exchange and cooperate with professionals from around the world. We believe that through this exhibition, we will be able to better understand market demand, improve product quality and service levels, and make greater contributions to the development of the advertising and signage industry.

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