SENFENG: Combining Strength and Reputation, Bringing New Opportunities to the Metal Processing Industry

As a leading enterprise in the laser cutting industry, SENFENG has always won the trust of customers with its outstanding technology and reliable product quality. This summer, SENFENG embarked on a return visit journey, with a metal processing company in Weifang, Shandong as one of their visit targets. This company has purchased six SENFENG Laser Cutting Machines since 2017, ranging from 1.5kW to 20kW, and has become SENFENG’s loyal user.

The metal processing industry is an industry that combines various processes with carbon steel and stainless steel, mainly involving processes such as sheet cutting and welding. In this industry, the application of laser cutting machines is becoming more and more widespread. Laser cutting machines have advantages such as high precision, high efficiency, and strong flexibility, which can meet the cutting needs of various shapes and materials of metal materials in the metal processing industry.

During the interview, the person in charge of this metal processing company introduced their company situation. They mainly engage in various processes combining carbon steel and stainless steel, including sheet cutting and welding, with a focus on food machinery and steel structures, with an annual output value of over 200,000 tons. The fact that this large-scale company chose SENFENG shows their trust and recognition.

The person in charge told us that they chose SENFENG after a thorough investigation and understanding. At the end of 2017, they purchased a 1.5kW laser cutting machine, mainly used for processing cold plates and hot steel plates, when there was almost no laser-related equipment in the market. After purchasing the first equipment, they found that thepower was too small to meet the large-scale production.

In May 2018, the purchase of 3kW of equipment greatly improved their annual production capacity, with high cutting accuracy. Within two years of use, the equipment did not have any failures, and they were very satisfied with its cutting effect on the maximum thickness. Therefore, they continued to purchase more equipment.

In April 2019, they purchased 6kW of equipment with an exchange platform, greatly improving production efficiency. In the context of COVID, these laser equipment provided strong support for their production.

The above-mentioned three pieces of equipment can be regarded as the first-generation products of SENFENG, but they still operate stably at the customer site. Under the working conditions of an average of 9 hours per day, the performance of SENFENG’s first-generation products is not inferior, and even the failure rate is lower.

The application advantages of the 12kW+ large-format laser cutting machine in the metal processing industry were also a key topic in this interview. At the end of 2022, they purchased a 20kW large-format laser cutting machine, and the application advantages of this 12kW+ large-format in the metal processing industry are obvious. This type of equipment is not picky about the plate, has high flexibility, and can meet the diverse processing needs of customers. Moreover, its “lightning perforation” processing efficiency is high, which is very suitable for the industry’s needs. Stable cutting of plates with a thickness of 50-70mm has become one of its major advantages.

12kw fiber laser cutter

During the interview, we also learned whether the 12kW+ large-format laser cutting machine can be considered as a development trend in the metal processing industry. The person in charge said that it has become the mainstream equipment in the industry. Low-power machines cannot achieve high cutting speeds, resulting in slow efficiency and low benefits. Therefore, they believe that “it must be dominated by 12kW+”.

Finally, we also learned that SENFENG has performed well in after-sales service. Whenever needed, a phone call is all it takes for them to quickly provide technical support at the factory, which greatly satisfies the customers.

Through this return visit, we not only learned about the current situation of the metal processing industry and the application of laser cutting machines in this industry, but also deeply felt the strength and reputation of SENFENG. As a leading brand, SENFENG excels in technology research and development and after-sales service, providing users with reliable equipment and high-quality service. We will continue to lead the development of the laser cutting machine industry, bringing more innovation and breakthroughs to the metal processing industry.

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