Rotary Axis 3D CNC Router Machine for Woodworking

Manufacturers have added a rotary axis to the original 3 axis CNC router, turning the machine into a 3D CNC router machine that can process cylinders. So what are the functions and uses of adding a rotating shaft to the CNC machine?

1. Calculation of the rotation carving path does not need to unfold the surface.

2. There is no need to rotate the workpiece repeatedly, the tool path calculation is completed at one time.

3. Reduce the finishing allowance, the tool path can be roughed in layers.

4. Realize partial rotary processing, angle range and length range can be set.

5. Affected by the accuracy of fixtures, irregular rotating workpieces are usually processed by multi-faceted rotary positioning. There are always seams between different processing directions. With the rotation axis, this problem can be handled very well.

Applications of 3D CNC Router Machine with Rotary Axis for Woodworking

Advertising industry: acrylic, double color boards, PVC, ABS, aluminum composite panels, kind of sign, chest signs, texts mould, trademark materials.

Arts and crafts: wood arts, wood crafts, Artificial stone, all kinds of texts , patterns on souvenirs.

Mold making: Building models, physical model, hot stamping mould, trace injection mould, shoes mold, badges, embossed mold, biscuit, chocolate candy mold. 

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