Purchase A Folding Machine Using the End-Of-Year Tax Benefit

Section 179 of the US tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualified equipment from their taxes within the same year. Qualifying machines can be brand-new or pre-owned, as long as the equipment is in use before year’s end. This incentive motivates small businesses to grow using new technology and new capabilities. With the end of the year approaching, now is the perfect time for fabrication businesses to upgrade to a RAS machine. We have new and factory refurbished models available that can fit the requirements and budget of nearly all sheet metal fabrication needs.

Equipment purchased at any point in 2023 and put into use before Jan 1, 2024, can be deducted from a company’s total tax burden for the year. Businesses can write off or expense up to $1,040,000 in new or pre-owned equipment this year as long as they spend less than $2,590,000 total on new assets. This amount opens the door for small and mid-sized businesses to save significantly on new technology that can last many years in operation. These tax benefits reduce the total cost to upgrade to a RAS this year, making it even easier to partner with the world’s best manufacturer of folding, shearing and forming machines.

RAS Systems offers many types of flexible and reliable machines for bending, shearing, and forming equipped with our fabricating machine software that lowers costs and saves time while delivering exceptional results every time.

RAS machines require minimal resources to operate and are energy-efficient, repeatable, and easy to use.

Benefits of Owning RAS Machines

  • Accuracy: RAS folding machines clamp and bend the flange as it lies flat on the gauging table. You can expect the same quality at the beginning and end of a shift since the entire weight of the part is resting on the table. The CNC-driven backstops are incredibly accurate, which pushes all blank tolerance out in the very first flange. The drives for all critical axes are CNC-controlled, servo-electric motors which are reliable and low-maintenance with very high precision in positioning.
  • Faster Set-Up: The universal tooling offered in RAS machines makes setup as simple as rearranging the segments. No wall of tool storage, no complicated tool clamps. Adjustment for different material thickness is done under CNC control automatically, without any manual adjustment needed.
  • Operator Ease: RAS folding machines are safe and easy to operate. The machine control indicates to the operator what needs to be done, and when. Folders allow companies to introduce bending to new operators, freeing up their most experienced employees to add value to other processes. Once an operator spends a day heaving around large parts on a press brake, they are the first ones in line to run to the folder and give their shoulders and back a break!
  • Sensitive Materials and Cosmetic Parts: The flat plane of our bending tooling nearly eliminates any friction between tool and material. On all but the most sensitive surfaces, there will be zero evidence of bend lines. For the most sensitive material, we offer a composite insert for the tooling to eliminate all possible markings.

RAS machines are not just capital purchases, they are investments in your company’s future. The RAS brand is internationally recognized for longevity, reliability, and quality. Take advantage of this small business tax benefit and save money in 2024!

This tax benefit not only reduces the cost of qualified equipment immediately, but larger businesses may also take 100% of the remaining cost as “bonus depreciation” for that year, even if the equipment is only put under power at the end of December.

Consult with a tax expert today to confirm just how much Section 179 can benefit your company alongside a new RAS.

Inventory is limited and the days are numbered, so act now to reserve your machine!

If you have any questions regarding folding machines please visit our website for more information or request a quote today!

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