Processing advantages of 10kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

A workman must sharpen his tools before he can do his work well. A good tool can help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, in the fierce market competition to seize the advanced. In the field of sheet metal processing, optical fiber laser cutting machine is such a processing tool, especially after the advent of the 10kw fiber laser cutting machine, the laser cutting machine processing metal thickness has been broken through, and the scope of application has become more and more extensive.

Advantages of laser cutting machine in efficiency

According to the requirements of sheet metal processing industry and the characteristics of cutting equipment, cutting technologies such as flame, plasma and laser are widely used in sheet metal manufacturing enterprises. With the rapid development of cutting technology and the continuous improvement of the overall performance of cutting equipment, the current situation of laser cutting, plasma and flame cutting is gradually formed.

In metal processing, the cutting speed of high energy 10kw fiber laser cutter can reach 100 meters per second at most, which is incomparable to the traditional metal cutting efficiency. High speeds machining not only saves processing time, but also saves labor costs.

Advantage of laser cutting machine in thickness

At present, the laser cutting machine can be applied to 100% metal blanking processing. Whether it is commonly used stainless steel, carbon steel, or difficult high-resistance materials, the laser cutting machine can easily handle it.

On this basis, the thickness of laser cutting machines can process is also increasing. The laser cutting machine can process stainless steel up to 40mm. With the increase of material thickness, a variety of products can be produced. The scope of the project undertaken is wider, and the competitiveness of the market is also improved.


As mentioned above, it can be foreseen that high-power laser cutting machines have broad market prospects in China. Senfeng Laser actively responds, increasing independent research and development of high-power fiber laser cutting machines, providing customized services and perfect humanized after-sales service. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

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