Primapress shearing machine knowledge of control system

Primapress shearing machine is one of our main product,we have talked about that for thin and thick plates before , we can divide them into swing beam shearing machine and guillotine shearing machine. Today, we mainly talk about the optional system of plate shearing machine?

  For shearing machine,we have NC and CNC system two choices:

  NC main for E21S system,E21S system introduce:

1 HD LCD screen, with Chinese and English language options

2.With mm and inch unit of measurement

3.Intelligent positioning of the rear stopper,can also be adjusted manually as required

4. Cutting angle built-in cutting angle adjustment function

5. The feed back of the knife edge clearance encoder shows the size of the knife edge clearance in real time, which is simple and convenient to operate

6. It has the parameter one key backup and restore function, which can restore parameters at any time as required, reducing maintenance costs

7. Stock counter.

CNC main for DAC360 system,DAC360 system introduce:

DAC360 one thing need to note,this syystem must use guillotine type shearing machine,we talked mild steel more than 10mm,use guillotine type,but this system,whatever the thickness you need to process,must use guillotine type.

The high brightness LCD display and concise programming interface provide the operator with a good man-machine interactive dialogue function.

It provides back stop control, shearing angle control, shearing stroke control and shearing pressure control for the control of plate shears.(Rear baffle material control;Concession control;Shear Angle control;Shear clearance control;Shear stroke control;every axis can be moved manually.)

In addition to the rear stopper, DAC-360 can automatically calculate the shearing angle and the clearance of the shearing knife edge according to the characteristics of the shearing material and the thickness of the plate, and automatically calculate the shearing stroke according to the width of the plate, so as to minimize the shearing time.

The rear stopper can be controlled by servo, double speed motor or single pole output with direction control. In addition, single and double side positioning with axis deviation correction table can be selected according to the specific application.

The whole process control of clamping pressure and shearing pressure can be realized.

All in all,the difference of cnc and nc is cnc have more powerful function and cnc have higher precision,but in normal cutting works nc system also enough.our primapress shearing machine always focused on the quality of the machine,if you have any question,welcome to contact us!

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