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Pipe bending machine for tubes bending, applications are aerospace, automobiles, locomotives, motorcycles, ships, petrochemical, electric power, natural gas, nuclear industry, boilers, vehicles, fitness equipment, air conditioning refrigeration. Sports goods and other pipe bending processing equipment.

Pipe Bending Machine

Primapress pipe bending machine can be used for winding bending of one bending radius (single layer) or two bending radius (double layer) in cold state. It is widely used for bending all kinds of pipe fittings and wire in automobile, air conditioning and other industries. Primapress pipe bender is mainly used for plastic forming of pipe. It has many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient movement, fast installation and other advantages.

For CNC pipe bending machine, mainly for the products you need to process, to recommend the use of several axes of the machine, generally speaking, the main work of the machine is three axes, namely, feeding axis, bending axis, and corner axis, sometimes customers also need the machine head to move left and right as well as up and down, that is the role of four and five axes.

The pipe bender also has a push-bend function that needs to know, when there are multiple bending radii on a pipe bending product and the R difference is large, the one-time forming can not be achieved through the conventional pipe bending mold, and the pipe bending machine with the push bending function can perfectly solve the problem. The equipment is controlled by multi-axis servo motor, the pipe bending machine head can switch up and down freely to change the mold, the small half-diameter angle is bent through the conventional mold, and the large radius is achieved through the push bending function. The push-bending radius can be freely set through the computer programming of the equipment, the push-bending curvature can be freely changed, and the circular, elliptical, and arc can be formed by push-bending.

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All of these are full numerical control systems, according to the degree of automation, it can also be divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic CNC pipe benders. Compared with the fully automatic CNC pipe bender, the semi-automatic CNC pipe bender usually has no servo motor drive part for the transportation axis and the adjustment axis. The spatial rotation and rotation angle of the pipe blank are realized through the mechanical structure and the pneumatic system. The bending speed is controlled by the output flow of the hydraulic cylinder regulated by multiple groups of solenoid valves, thus reducing the cost of the machine tool.

Primapress NC type pipe bending machine is relatively simple, the main is to know the bending diameter and thickness of the customer can be determined, without determining several axes, so if customer need to confirm the model, it is best to tell me the wall diameter, wall thickness, wall material, and it will be best if customer can send us the picture or drawing of the production.

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