Primapress mechanical innovation energy-saving and environment-friendly pure electric servo press brake bending machine

In recent years, along with the concept of green, environmental protection and low carbon, more and more attention has been paid. From the field of passenger vehicles to engineering machinery, and then to industrial manufacturing, pure electric has increasingly become a fashion and a future. From the perspective of forging machine tool industry, the servo mechanical turret punch has basically replaced the traditional hydraulic turret punch; Servo punch scheme has become the focus of industry communication; In the field of press brake bending machine, from multilateral bending to all electric press brake bending machine, pure electricity has gradually become a major trend in the future press brake bending machine industry. Primapress mechanical all electric servo press brake bending machine has excellent performance, excellent ergonomics and the most novel industrial design. It adopts the all electric transmission mode, and the servo motor drives the screw rod. It has high precision and the fastest processing efficiency among various series of press brake bending machines. It has good compatibility with patented software. It forms an endless loop control adjustment through the precision ruler feedback computer signal, and its precision is still accurate after long use. It is different from traditional press brake bending machines that do not need oil, Moreover, the motor only operates when it is working, which is energy-saving, environment-friendly and clean, and has better adaptability for customers with higher requirements on plant environment.

Primapress mechanical pure electric servo CNC press brake bending machine is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It does not use hydraulic oil and does not need regular oil change, so there is no oil leakage and other pollution caused by oil, making the workshop cleaner and cleaner. And output according to actual tonnage, saving energy and electricity charges.

With high quality, high efficiency and high precision, the manufacturing equipment adopts all steel welding structure, and the manganese steel material has good rebound coefficient. The machine body is stable and durable after vibration degaussing, tempering and sanding treatment to eliminate stress; High precision, full closed loop control slider repetition precision is 0.01mm, and rear gear repetition precision is 0.05mm; It is fast and can effectively increase the output.

In depth research on equipment demand

Primapress mechanical R&D expert team conducts in-depth research and study, grasps the comprehensive product development process and development logic, and visits the equipment purchasing and using enterprises on the spot, so as to understand each node of the first-line operation and processing process and the operation interaction process throughout the process. On this basis, we deeply understood the demand of brand support service providers for standardized interaction process and interface display during machine installation and debugging, so as to ensure good software and hardware compatibility of the servo motor, stable system and no downtime all day.

Digital upgrading helps industrial automation

In addition, Primapress Machinery, based on the current needs of industry transformation and upgrading, has further discussed the functions of equipment networking and remote upgrading. It is expected to extend the neural brain of hardware equipment through software, and create more imagination and more possibilities for equipment with digitalization and cloud.

According to the target trend of “carbon reaching the peak and carbon neutralization”, with the implementation of green environmental protection concept in the manufacturing industry, in the long run, the introduction of Primapress mechanical pure electric servo press brake bending machine will be a key step for the domestic CNC press brake bending machine field to enter the “new energy era”.

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