Precautions when cutting metal materials with laser cutting machine

1. Ensure that the oxygen bottle is safely fixed: The oxygen bottle will be vibrated during the cutting process. If the vibration is too large, the oxygen bottle may lose balance or even fall. Therefore, when using oxygen, be sure to secure it securely to the stand to prevent accidents.
2. Avoid contact between oxygen bottles and fire sources: Oxygen itself has combustion-supporting properties. If it comes into contact with fire sources, it may cause a fire. Therefore, when using oxygen, make sure the surrounding environment is clean and away from fire sources and flammable items.
3. Check the oxygen cylinder regularly: During long-term use, oxygen cylinders may suffer from wear, aging and other problems. In order to ensure the safety of oxygen cylinders, they must be inspected regularly and any problems found should be dealt with in a timely manner.
4. Master correct cutting skills: When using oxygen for cutting, you must master correct cutting skills to avoid accidents caused by high temperatures and sparks during the cutting process.
5. Equipped with necessary protective equipment: During cutting operations, operators should wear corresponding protective equipment, such as protective glasses, masks, gloves, etc., to prevent splashes generated during the cutting process from causing harm to the human body.

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