Metal Fab Shop Organization Tips | RMT

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A Shot in the Dark “Dang it,” the shop manager complained to an office employee at the end of a workday. “Joe was supposed to get those forms back to me before he left.” The employee looked out …

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Three Reasons To Use Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

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As advancements in technology continue to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, one method stands out for its efficiency and versatility: flat sheet laser cutting. Consider three reasons to use flat sheet laser cutting for your metal fabrication needs. A …

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Proteus: The World’s First Uncuttable Metal?

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Whilst metal is incredibly tough, there have always been ways to cut it, with the advent of battery power tools such as grinders and saws, cutting through something like a hardened steel lock is relatively simple. That’s where …

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FORMNEXT 2023 | SENFENG Will Set Out Again


Exhibition Name: FORMNEXT 2023 Time: Nov. 7-10, 2023 Add: Messe Frankfurt, Germany   SENFENG Booth: 110-E47 “Additive Manufacturing (AM) plays an all-important role in driving industrial development even when economy is challenging. The reason is that these state-of-the-art …

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WESTEC 2023 | Meet SENFENG in California, USA


Exhibition Name: WESTEC 2023 Time: Nov. 7-9, 2023 Add: Long Beach Convention Center, California, USA SENFENG Booth: 1617 Till now, WESTEC has lasted for 55 years and developed into an all-important access to get the hang of mechanical …

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Rapid Tooling vs Conventional Tooling: 6 Key Differences

rapid tooling vs conventional tooling

Tooling is a vital step in the manufacturing process, involving the creation of tools necessary for product creation. This includes mold dies, cutting tools, jigs, and other custom parts. Manufacturers face various choices in this step, with three …

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Staying Compliant: Navigating Manufacturing Regulations

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Navigating manufacturing regulations is a critical aspect of ensuring business success and maintaining ethical standards. Compliance with regulations is essential for various reasons, including safeguarding consumer safety, protecting the environment, and promoting fair business practices. In this context, …

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How to Choose a Suitable Laser Cutting Machine?

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As for the size, the mainstream is 3015, which is 3 meters by 1.5 meters. However, size is not an issue. Generally speaking, companies will have multiple types of sizes for customers to choose from. The size of …

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