Ordinary We Achieve Extraordinary Service – Approaching Aftersales Engineers

Ordinary We Achieve Extraordinary Service – Approaching Aftersales Engineers

Service is not only an attitude, but also an expression. As a high-quality global laser solution provider, XT Laser is backed by countless ordinary people, who have jointly achieved the golden signboard of “Zero Concerns” for XT. Since 2017, the New Sky Laser Global Service Tour has officially launched, creating a “30 minute quick response, 3 hour service” after-sales service chain to provide customers with a “24-hour” comprehensive service guarantee for worry free production.

Dedicated to work, diligent in work, dedicated to work, and skilled in technology. Today, let’s experience the perspective of XT after-sales engineer, Cheng Gong, and listen to his story.

Rooted in the front line and dedicated to research

In 2019, Cheng Gong officially entered the laser industry. “When I first entered the industry, learning skills was the main job. As long as there were no service tasks, I kept learning and practicing, and humbly sought advice from old employees when encountering problems I didn’t understand.” This is how my skills accumulated from the beginning. Soon, Cheng Gong became proficient in the maintenance methods for common machine malfunctions. Practice leads to true knowledge, but solid theory is the foundation. Whenever there is an opportunity, Cheng Gong actively learns various maintenance skills training to improve his technical level.

Over time, Cheng Gong gradually grew from an ordinary technician to a senior expert level figure in the eyes of his colleagues. He has captured the hearts of customers with his superb technology and thoughtful service, making them naturally think of him the first time they encounter a malfunction. He has never let down the expectations of customers and can successfully solve various problems every time.

One banner, one affirmation

Think more about our customers and demonstrate the true skill of our XT Laser service in details. This is the summary of Cheng Gong’s years of service work experience. He is well aware that good service can bring good reputation, and good reputation can also bring more new customers. We may need to explain products and services to customers many times, but customers may only need to explain them once

In April 2023, Jinan Shanghe customers presented a banner with the words “Careful guidance and thoughtful service” to Cheng Gong to express their sincere gratitude. “The customers of Jinan Shanghe are engaged in sheet metal processing. From the afternoon of the first day when they arrived at the factory, they worked continuously until 4:00 a.m. of the the fourth day in order to fulfill their commitment to the customers. The customers are worried, but we are more worried than they are! This reception of the customer’s banner is a great affirmation and encouragement of my work, which gives me more motivation to invest in the future work!” People often ask the engineers to face all kinds of complex situations, Is it not difficult or tiring to handle various service challenges? He stubbornly replied, “The mission lies, the footprints come!” During the conversation, Cheng Gong was like a kind-hearted doctor, who always believed in “perseverance after thousands of trials and tribulations, regardless of the difficulties encountered.

Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Jiangsu… In the four years of XT Laser, Cheng Gong’s footprints have spread throughout the country, and doing a good job in after-sales service is not a great achievement. He has been shuttling through factories day after day in the scorching heat and cold, which is a true portrayal of his work.

Faced with the praise given by customers and the company, Cheng Gong repeatedly emphasized that what he did was just his job and there were no earthshaking or touching deeds. In his work, he gained more from the emotions brought to him by the users. Not long ago, at an old client’s office, Cheng Gong saw that a laser cutting machine that had been in use for 5 years was still shiny and new. For the past five years, customers have cleaned their machines almost daily. Although it was just an ordinary scene, it gave Cheng Gong a great shock. “With such good product quality and so many loyal customers and friends, why don’t we provide good service

Spring has passed and autumn has come, and every after-sales engineer of XT Laser, like Cheng Gong, always silently adheres to their position. All the efforts have converged and accumulated, resulting in the ordinary yet inherently prosperous, confident and powerful after-sales service network of XT Laser. At present, XT has established more than 40 service outlets worldwide, and the “0 Concerns” global service line activity is ongoing. We have been on the way!

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