Operating Procedures for Sheet Metal Plate CNC Turret Punching Machines

1. CNC punching machine operators must undergo necessary training, be familiar with the mechanical performance and working principle of the equipment, and those who are not familiar with the operation of sheet metal plate CNC turret punching machines are not allowed to use them.

2. Before operating the parallel CNC punching machine, the operator must make detailed preparations, including checking whether the lubrication system is normal, whether the mechanical performance meets the requirements, and whether the electrical equipment is normal. Before starting the punching work, the machine must be turned on and run without load for inspection. Only after everything is normal can it be put into operation.

CNC punching machine
CNC punching machine 2

3. Operators must be energetic and focused while working. If they feel mentally exhausted and unable to adapt to the work, they should rest appropriately and not force themselves to work.

4. Operators must strictly follow the operating procedures of sheet metal plate CNC turret punching machines. If equipment malfunctions are found, they should be stopped for inspection according to the regulations or repaired by professional maintenance personnel. Defective equipment should not be allowed to continue working.

CNC punching machine 3

5. When operating the CNC foot switch, be sure to maintain vigilance and a calm attitude, be careful not to accidentally step on the foot switch placed on the ground, and prevent injury to personnel, mechanical damage, and workpiece scrapping.

6. Operators are not allowed to use sheet metal plate cnc turret punching machines under overload. They should be familiar with various safety protection devices and performance of CNC punching machine equipment, and use safety protection devices correctly.

7. During the operation of sheet metal plate cnc turret punching machines, people should not stand within the planned safety line, except when operating special workpieces.

8. After each use of the punching machine equipment, it is necessary to clean the equipment thoroughly and add sufficient lubricating oil to maintain the mechanical condition. The machine should be shut down and the power and air sources should be turned off.

9. Install, adjust, and use molds correctly and reasonably, and do not use molds with defects.

CNC punching machine 4

10. If the following situations occur during the homework period, the machine should be stopped immediately:

1) The slider stops accurately or automatically slides down after stopping

2) Abnormal noise from the punching machine

3) Stamped parts or waste materials are stuck in the mold, and there is more than one blank on the mold at the same time. There is waste material on the mold that has not been removed in a timely manner

4) Unacceptable blank or other quality issues in stamped parts

5) When equipment molds and other related devices malfunction, they must be shut down for inspection

6) When the control device fails, the emergency stop should be pressed when the work is completed or when leaving the work position.

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