Numerical control shearing machine appeared, in many ways played a great role

Numerical control shearing machine for today’s era of scientific and technological development, is very important, from meet to improve work efficiency, because of the emergence of shearing machine, let many large and medium-sized enterprises in the production of finished products see the dawn, the use of shearing machine into the production workshop, no longer have to supply their own products in the market without demand and boring, It plays a great role in processing such as metal and non-metal plates.

CNC shearing machine is generally used general or special computer to achieve digital program control, forcing accurate positioning, worm gear and worm transmission, optical screw rod concentric, noiseless structure and characteristics, it is usually controlled by the position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantity and mechanical energy flow related switching quantity; Hydraulic shearing machine adopts advanced integrated hydraulic system, good reliability, the use of three-point support rolling guide, eliminate support gap, improve the quality of shearing, is by the movement of the upper blade and fixed blade, using reasonable blade gap, to impose shear force on various thickness of the metal plate, the plate according to the required size fracture separation.

CNC shearing machine has the characteristics of accurate positioning, worm gear and worm drive, smooth rod and screw concentric, no noise. More important is its structure, it uses steel plate welding, hydraulic transmission, accumulator return, the operation is very convenient and simple, so the appearance of the shearing machine is beautiful. The tool rest of the shearing machine adopts the inclined structure, which is convenient for blanking and can improve the accuracy of the work. Adopt sliding guide rail, eliminate the gap of guide rail, high shear quality.

The structure of CNC plate shearing machine:

1, the frame adopts steel structural parts, left and right vertical plate, table and press plate welded into a whole structure, after welding tempering to eliminate its internal stress, so the overall steel is good, high stability.

2. The tool rest is made of steel structural parts. Under the action of the thrust of the oil cylinder on both sides, it can swing around the fixed pin shaft to complete the shear action without the guide rail system. At the end of shearing, under the action of the return cylinder, the tool rest quickly automatic return. With a quick adjustment blade clearance mechanism, the scale value is displayed on the dial.

3, the rear baffle is installed on the tool rest, with the tool rest pendulum movement. The adjustment of the stop distance is driven by the motor, through a drive shaft and a pair of sprocket pair transmission, respectively to the left and right screw, drive the stop frame along the guide rod to move back and forth, in the front of the machine button box button panel there are two button operation, respectively forward and back coarse adjustment button, hold down the button when the rear stop to do rapid forward and backward movement.

4, the hydraulic system is installed on the end of the tank, the tank is fixed on the frame beam, easy to clean and disassemble. The system pressure is supplied by the oil pump, and each valve under the control of the electrical and hydraulic system can realize the sequence action of pressing foot and cutting tool holder downward and other action specifications.

5. The press device is mainly composed of a group of press cylinders. Before the tool holder goes down, the plunger of the press cylinders overcomes the action of the spring to press down and tighten the plate. It is equipped with protective grid, which plays the role of safety protection.

6, the machine uses three-phase system power supply (380V) power supply, control circuit voltage (220V) by the control transformer, the executive circuit solenoid valve required DC power supply (+24V) by the transformer and silicon rectifier.

Nc shearing machine in the actual operation should pay attention to the following matters:

1. Daily repair is generally based on the phenomenon of machine tools to check whether the corresponding switch is firm and whether the corresponding connection is loose. The repair of the system must be carried out by special personnel. In daily repair, the correctness of the system can be inferred by watching whether the output of the system is correct.

2, there should be no strong magnetic interference sources around the system, avoid “welding” around the machine, especially avoid the machine as the grounding electrode for welding operations!

3, the electric cabinet should be regularly removed dust, keep clean, available air jet or erase method, at the same time to check whether the connection is loose, rubbing part is tight.

4, always pay attention to and ensure the fastness of each connection, whether the screw is locked between the components of the connection terminal is loose to prevent bad contact resulting in wrong action and failure! Ensure that the wires and cables are properly bent to prevent breakage.

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