Navigating the Fiber Laser Market Maze: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Partner

In the ever-evolving world of industrial technology, the choice of a fiber laser machine and your supplier is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your company’s operations. With a myriad of options available in the fiber laser market, making the right choice can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Mac-Tech stands as a beacon of expertise and reliability, offering a comprehensive solution to all your fiber laser needs.

Service & Support – WHO Is Supporting YOU?

  • Mac-Tech Benefit:
    • Mac-Tech has been in the laser business since 1988.  We know what it takes to support lasers, and what is expected by the customer.
    • We stock critical components and spare parts at Mac-Tech / Milwaukee.
    • Boast a 10-man Field Service team with 2 Laser Engineers On-Staff!  24/7/24 hr Service Response from Mac-Tech.
    • ErmakUSA – our Manufacturer has Parts and Service Engineers locally here in Des Plaines, IL!
    • Full Remote-Connection Support, Diagnostics, Service Capable!

Machine Frame / Build:  With High Accelerations And Processing Speeds, The Frame Is A Critical Component For Performance And Longevity!

  • Mac-Tech Benefit:
    • St-44 Steel Weldment Frame, 26,000 lbs
    • Precision Machine from 1 Datum Point (NO Repositioning)
      • The Most-Accurate Machined frame in the Industry!
    • Minimizes Vibration giving you the best Edge Quality, Precision, and Longevity!

Control & Motion Platform: Drives The Cutting Head Into Position!

  • Mac-Tech Benefit:
    • Single Source for Control & Motion (Drives & Motors) = Beckhoff
    • 5G Beckhoff TwinCat Servo Motors (5,551 IPM), top of class
      • For Intricate Pieces, Tight-Tolerance, and Production Throughput (Hole to Hole)
    • .001” Positioning Accuracy and .0005” Repeatability = Accurate & Repeatable Part Production!
    • Beckhoff USA;  Savage, MN

The Resonator: The Power For Your Applications Solution!

  • Mac-Tech Benefit:
    • IPG USA Resonators; the Highest Performance, Quality, and Support, Period!
      • 0 – 15.0kW Power Options!
    • YLS Multi-Module with Built in Redundancy; Field-Serviceable
      • In the event of a failure, the other modules ramp-up and you are still In-Production, safeguarding you from expensive down-time!
    • IPG USA;  Massachusetts

The Cutting Head:  Focues The Beam For The Application & Material Type!

  • Mac-Tech Benefit:
    • Precitec ProCUTTER, Auto-Focus Cutting Heads
    • Anti-Crash, Feature Avoidance
    • Indicator Lights for Pressure, Heat,

Software:  Taking Your Parts From Prints To Production!

  • Mac-Tech Benefit:
    • Lantek ExpertCUT CAD/CAM
    • FULL CAD Drafting, and CAM Machine Software!
    • Dynamic Nesting – up to 15% Material Yield / Savings!
    • Quoting/Costing Capability
    • Remnant Tracking
    • MRP / ERP Connectivity Capable!

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