Most Popular Laser Plywood Cutting Machine Projects

Plywood is the mostly used laser-cut multi-layer thin wood board, usually used to make wood crafts, artworks, packaging boxes, gifts, 3D wood puzzles.

Why choose laser to cut plywood?

When we think of plywood cutting, we often think of various forms of traditional saws. However, plywood cutting with a saw produces a lot of sawdust and noise, which is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, people want to find a new way to cut plywood. Fortunately, the invention of laser cutting technology has greatly solved the noise problem and sawdust problem. In addition, laser cutting machine can produce a better cutting surface compared to traditional mechanical cutting. Roughness and tearing are not noticeable on the cut surface of the plywood. Instead, it is covered by a very thin layer of carbonization.

Laser plywood cutting basically works in two ways – instant vaporization and ablation. This depends on the power density absorbed by the plywood during laser cutting.

Instant gasification is an ideal way to cut plywood. This means that the plywood will vaporize under the focused laser, and then the vaporized part will become the cutting line. This type of plywood laser cutting features with fast cutting speed, no carbonization of the cutting surface, and only slight blackening and glazing.

In terms of ablation, it features with low cutting speed, wide cutting line and large cutting thickness. There will be smoke and burning smell during operation.

What laser source is best for plywood cutting?

A common laser source for cutting wood is the CO2 laser. It comes with a wavelength of 10.64μm, making its laser easily absorbed by various non-metallic materials such as wood, fabric, leather, paper, textiles, acrylic, and more.

Like other types of laser sources, CO2 laser cutters tend to generate significant amounts of heat during operation. Its excessively high temperature needs to be reduced. Otherwise, the CO2 laser is likely to crack, increasing unnecessary maintenance costs, which requires use with a water chiller.

STJ1390 Laser Wood Cutter


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