Metal laser cutting machine operation steps

Metal laser cutting machine operation steps
XT metal laser cutting machine operation
The working principle of the laser cutting machine is to let the laser beam irradiation to the surface of the product to produce heat, so that the product melting and evaporation, so as to achieve the effect of cutting, the newcomer just contact with the metal laser cutting machine, the metal laser cutting machine of the various functions are still do not understand, so it must be a good study. Here are a few operating steps for the novice.
1, close the switch in the power distribution cabinet.
2, turn over the power lock on the operating panel, press the power button, to the CNC power supply; turn on the dust collector power supply, check whether the indicator on the panel of the control box is normal;
3, CNC to stop the internal self-diagnostics, to confirm that no error message is displayed.
4, close the switch in the servo cabinet, press the servo button on the operating panel, to the servo system power supply, turn the control cabinet panel pulse knob to open the position of the cartridge to stop recoil, check whether the pulse is normal.
5, test operation, confirm the panel of the switches, buttons, sensitive, reliable check ash unloading plug valve can be normal.
6, test run the machine, confirm that the machine runs smoothly, the limit and emergency buttons are reliable.
7, powder coating line in the cutting line, pay attention to the zinc powder explosive, pay attention to prevent flying; at the same time to wear a mask when operating.
Warm tips:
1, in the operation of the laser cutting machine, in accordance with the operating procedures for operation, especially in terms of safety, they can not be used at random, indiscriminate operation, always consult all the relevant manuals, or let the operator to participate in training to familiarise themselves with the performance of the laser cutting machine with the use of the familiar grasp of the operating system and the relevant knowledge and content.
2, in accordance with the provisions of the wear to wear a good variety of protective equipment, in the vicinity of the laser beam, to wear protective eyewear that meets the requirements of the time, in the absence of confirmation of whether a material can be heated or laser irradiation, it is best not to carry out the processing of its time, in order to prevent the generation of vapour and smoke, and other potential hazards.
3, during the operation of the laser cutting machine, the operator can not leave their posts without permission, and can not let others instead of their own care. At the same time to put the fire extinguisher at any time you can get to the place, in the absence of the need to use the time to turn off the laser cutting machine, not in the case of unprotected, in the vicinity of the placement of fabric, paper and other flammable items.
4, in the process of using the laser cutting machine, if there are any abnormalities, you need to stop immediately, timely inspection and troubleshooting or reported to the higher authorities. Usually also need to keep the laser cutter, bed and the surrounding area of the clean and tidy, there can not be any oil, for the plate, workpiece and scrap and other materials, should be in accordance with the provisions of the storage.
In the operation of the laser cutting machine, we must understand the above content, wear a variety of protective gear, master the operation of the laser cutting machine, for non-professionals, is not free to touch or use this equipment, because it is a certain risk.

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