Market Analysis and Application of Hand Held Laser Rust Remover

For a long time, the surface treatment capacity of the manufacturing industry lags far behind that of production, which has greatly restricted the process of manufacturing from large to strong. High-end manufacturing and energy saving emission reduction have higher and higher demand for advanced technology. In terms of surface treatment, the technology and process urgently need to be fully upgraded.The high value-added laser technology of hand held laser rust remover is accelerating the replacement of traditional processes, and industry chain companies are stepping up their layout.

Traditional laser cleaning rust removal, such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, strong impact cleaning, high frequency ultrasonic cleaning, has a long cleaning cycle. It is difficult to realize automation,harmful to the environment, and can not achieve the ideal cleaning effect.Laser cleaning is a more efficient and environmentally friendly process, with no pollution, no consumables, low cost, high efficiency, no contact, no stress, no damage, good controllability, optional precision cleaning, cleaning the dangerous area that difficult to reach . These advantages are challenging traditional processes.


Laser cleaning technology was born in the 1980s, and it didn’t really enter industrial production until the early 1990s, and gradually replaced traditional cleaning methods. Due to the relatively limited investment in early technology and manpower, the overall development of the laser cleaning market has been slow. Since 1998, laser cleaning technology has ushered in the first wave of development, mainly led by European and American countries. During this period, laser cleaning applications focused on the surface of metal materials, such as aircraft fuselage paint removal, mold surface degreasing, engine internal carbon deposition, and pre-weld joint surface cleaning. At present, there are three main markets for hand held laser rust remover: one is to replace the existing industrial cleaning (chemical cleaning and ultrasonic), the market size is more than 100 billion, at least 30% can be replaced by laser cleaning, about 30 billion; the second is to replace manual polishing,which can be the standard equipment of every manufacturing workshop, about 10 billion; the third is the newly developed application areas: such as cultural relics cleaning, building cleaning, street cleaning, etc., the market size is about 20 billion.

senfeng laser cleaning machine can meet different application scenarios from pulse laser source and continuous laser source.Specifically, short pulse width can reduce heat input, reduce thermal effects, and improve the oxidation and discoloration of some substrates.pulse laser source can improve the ability to enhance the efficiency of paint removal. It is widely used in the fields of tire mold cleaning, parts oil removal, aero-engine blade thermal barrier coating and oxide film cleaning, metal derusting and varnishing, enamelled copper inductor stripping and so on.

Because the scenes involved in surface treatment are very complicated, and the composition and structure of the attachments on the surface of the object are different, the mechanism of the laser action is also different.laser cleaning is not as easy to promote as laser cutting and laser marking.Enterprises are required to have strong process research and development capabilities. In addition, laser cleaning also has a single nature. How to use a laser to clean different matrix materials is also a very big challenge for laser manufacturers.

The application of large-scale industrialization puts forward higher requirements on the stability and automation level of laser cleaning equipment.Senfeng laser cleaning machine comprehensively considers the laser source, motion control, laser head and other links, continuously optimizes the design, and provides customers with more competitive product solutions.

The laser cleaning machine is easy to operate and low maintenance cost. It meets the requirements of environmental protection and has no harm to workers’ bodies. And the labor cost is low,the benefits will be quickly obtained.

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