Manufacturer and equipment selection of laser cutting machine

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Today, with advanced technology, there are hundreds, some say, thousands of manufacturers producing and assembling laser cutting machines in China. Looking at the prices of laser cutting machines from different manufacturers, I can’t help but wonder why the machines are similar, but the prices vary so much. When choosing a laser cutting machine manufacturer, be sure to shine your eyes. Next, Xintian Laser will analyze from an objective perspective and provide some suggestions for friends who purchase laser cutting machines.

Selection of laser cutting machine equipment.

Laser cutting machines are mainly used to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, and other metals, but they have limitations when cutting highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminum. Currently, based on the laser power, we select the desired laser cutting machine model using a coefficient of 0.6-0.8. For example, if we purchase a laser cutting machine with a power of 1000 watts, the thickness of carbon steel that can be cut in batches is 6 mm, and the maximum recommended cutting amount is 8 mm. This is sufficient. We want to buy a 4000w laser cutting machine that can do 24mm batch cutting, but it is difficult to do 32mm cutting. The higher the power, the lower the coefficient due to the limitations of laser cutting. At 8000w or 10000w, the coefficient can be around 0.4-0.6. This coefficient means that in the case of batch cutting, the cutting thickness limit of the equipment is not within this coefficient. Stainless steel is usually cut into large pieces that cut half the thickness of carbon steel. For example, 4000w can batch cut carbon steel to 24mm, and then batch process 12mm stainless steel, achieving the best cutting effect.

After determining the laser power, the machine size must be determined. It is mainly divided into two parts, an open and a fully closed interaction. Conventional sizes include 3 * 1.5m, 2 * 4m, 2 * 6m, 2.5 * 6m, 2.5 * 8m, and customized specifications. Compared to open type, interactive laser cutting machines can improve processing efficiency by about 30 times. For customers with large processing capacity, they can choose the type of interactive laser cutting machine. This model is also the main model of traditional manufacturers, and the price is also 30W-50w higher. For high-power models (above 6000w), we recommend configuring dual desktop devices. High power equipment has higher requirements for the performance of machine tools.

How to select a laser cutting machine manufacturer

Currently, there are many domestic laser manufacturers, and the main production method is to purchase machine tools produced by outsourcing units and assemble electrical components by themselves. There are also individual manufacturers that produce very few machine tools themselves, and most of them purchase machine tools from outsourcing units to confuse customers. It is recommended that consumers go to the manufacturer’s on-site inspection when purchasing, rather than listening to the seller’s instructions. Due to the uneven quality of sales personnel, there are often differences between the promised equipment and the actual delivered equipment. In the current fierce market competition environment, according to the choice of manufacturers, there will be dazzling situations. Choose a laser cutting machine manufacturing enterprise that has sold for more than 5 years, has an annual sales volume of no less than 100 million yuan, and employs no less than 100 people. Smaller companies have weak resistance to risk and weak technical and after-sales capabilities, so they cannot fully protect the rights of customers.

The four main components of a laser cutting machine are a laser, a cutting head, a machine tool, and electrical components. These four parts are both closely related and independent of each other. In connection with this, high-power lasers must be equipped with high specification cutting heads, high-performance machine tools, and highly configured electrical components to achieve stable and efficient performance of the equipment. These settings have a relatively large range, such as high power, regardless of other settings. Intermediate electronic components of the laser can also be provided. High power lasers are equipped with medium sized cutting heads and slightly lower machine tools. All of these are possible. In this way, the price difference can be very large. Moreover, the difference between import allocation and national allocation is enormous. Therefore, if you choose equipment with a power lower than 2000w, you can choose configurations from major domestic brands, which provides a more cost-effective price and performance comparable to imported configurations. For 2000-4000w power, you can choose the setting method that domestic and imported brands want to match, such as domestic lasers and imported cutting heads. For equipment with a power greater than 4000w, it is recommended to select the configuration of the main imported brand on the equipment. There are some advantages in terms of performance and stability.

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