Live Express X XT Laser Korea Exhibition Move Forward with “Light”!

XT Event – Overseas Exhibition

On May 16th, at the Busan International Convention and Exhibition Center in South Korea, the highly anticipated mechanical event – the 2023 Busan International Machinery Exhibition in South Korea opened. As a leading global provider of laser industrial application solutions, XT Laser has made a significant debut with GP2580 large surround laser cutting machine, T220 professional pipe cutting machine, and fully automatic laser welding machine.

As the fourth largest economy in Asia, South Korea is a developed country with industry and service industries as the main body. Major industrial fields such as steel, automobiles, home appliances, and shipbuilding have all formed large-scale and conglomerate development. At the same time, South Korea is one of the global laser application powers. At this exhibition, over 200 world-class laser enterprises from around the world gathered here with high-tech and “leading flower” products, bringing together a hot “laser show”.

Let’s hold up beer and fried chicken and take a look at the exciting scene of the XT booth at the exhibition where there are many experts gathered together~

A masterpiece of great significance

GP Wanwa Appears at the Exhibition

With craftsmanship and the ability to create “intelligence”, XT, with its “masterpiece” – the Wanwa Laser GP2580, has appeared at the E06 booth, showcasing its high-quality hard power. At the exhibition site that just opened today, with its stunning “high-energy” performance, the New Sky booth has gained high popularity and attracted widespread attention from many exhibitors.

The GP25.8 million watt laser cutting machine, known as the “Performance Star” by many users, uses a dedicated cutting head to achieve non-inductive perforation of thick plates. With its “high power and high intelligence” characteristics, it has exploded throughout the exhibition and attracted a large number of merchants to visit.

At the crowded exhibition site, XT staff held a product science audio-visual lecture on product performance, power consumption, core components, application scenarios, etc; More Korean partners have stated that “since purchasing the equipment of XT, our annual operating revenue has increased by about 35%”, highly praising the quality and efficiency of ultra-high power laser equipment. In the future, we will continue to provide maximum support and trust to XT’s advanced technology and products.

On the morning of the first day, the exhibition was in full swing, with multiple celebrity products undergoing on-site cutting demonstrations, allowing the audience to appreciate the charm of different power laser technologies. High quality products quickly received recognition and praise from customers in Anshan City, Gyeonggi Province. A 6KW open laser cutting machine was signed on site to demonstrate XT’s strength and position in the laser field, once again pushing the exhibition to a climax! At the same time, the exhibition site received a large number of customer cooperation intentions and achieved fruitful results, firmly ranking among similar exhibitors. XT Laser conquers the world’s attention with high-quality products and is committed to creating a first-class and world-renowned laser application solution provider in China.

Strength Circle Fans

XT delves deeply into the Korean market

Leading industrial technological transformation and exploring the global laser market has been a development concept that XT has long adhered to, and South Korea is also one of XT’s overseas strategic layout, especially the “potential markets” in the Asia Pacific region.

Introduce traffic, inject vitality, and activate the “light” momentum for the development of local industries in South Korea. In the future, XT will further cultivate the South Korean market, explore the advantages of win-win cooperation with local Korean enterprises, uphold the principle of “customer value first”, and provide better products and services.

The global laser market is experiencing ups and downs

Under the strategy of “international and domestic dual circulation”

XT always walks with “Light”

Jointly Building the Development Road of Fiber Laser

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