Laser Welding Machine Applied in Locomotive Manufacture

In modern transportation industry, the fierce competition between track locomotive and aircraft, car and other means of transport in passenger transport has promoted the rapid development of all kinds of transport equipment. In recent years, with the improvement of China’s railway lines and the increase in transportation capacity requirements,laser welding technology has played an important role in this industry.
Although the welding performance of many stainless steels is excellent, stainless steel car bodies are more prone to deformation than ordinary car bodies, and the process requirements are difficult to grasp. Therefore,low heat input, non-contact, continuous welding is an ideal welding method. Laser welding has high welding strength, fast welding speed, narrow welding seam, and usually good surface condition, which eliminates the post-weld cleaning and other work, and its appearance is more beautiful than traditional welding. In addition, laser welding can weld hard-to-reach parts, which has great flexibility.
For a long time, laser technology has played an important role in the automobile industry, and more and more railway vehicle manufacturers are applying this technology. In this industry, the use of laser welding, has the advantages of short time, low cost, low efficiency, high weld strength.
Laser welding technology is an important manufacturing technology in locomotive manufacturing industry in recent years.Senfeng laser continuously innovates and upgrades the cutting technology, and launches efficient and professional solutions for locomotive manufacturing industry. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

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