Laser heat wave ignites South Asia | New Sky Laser is about to debut at the ITIF exhibition in Pakistan!

With the acceleration of the global layout of XT Laser, on March 7th in Yangchun, XT Laser will travel overseas with multiple intelligent laser processing equipment to surprise the 2024 Pakistan ITIF exhibition, showcasing its high-quality products, cutting-edge technology, and industry application solutions to the world.

Energy surging and extraordinary advancement

Strong growth rate, long-lasting and high-energy

W1530 single platform laser cutting machine

Smooth millisecond cutting experience

High speed and high precision cutting processing

Automatic focusing and stable operation

Strong ventilation and dust removal, green production

Exquisite and practical, with minimal footprint

Continuous high-speed cutting of medium and thin sheet metal

Realize mass production

One Machine Versatile · Strong “Welding” Versatile

Four in one handheld laser welding machine

Integrating laser welding, laser cleaning, and weld bead cleaning

Laser cutting with four functions in one

Handheld laser head is lightweight and flexible

Easy operation with high-definition touch screen

Real time monitoring of operational status and automatic notification of abnormal conditions

Injecting Strong Vitality into the Global Metal Processing Industry

Excellent precision carving quality

Desktop laser marking machine

Selecting high-quality lasers and high-speed mirrors

Using a red light positioning system

Convenient positioning and high positioning accuracy

Contactless tagging, multilingual support

Adjustable printing parameters without the need for consumables

Permanent marking

Quick, precise, and durable marking preferred solution

Chasing Light and Electricity, Creating a Smart Future

The Pakistan ITIF Exhibition is one of the most authoritative international industrial exhibitions certified by the International Exhibition Union, and also the most influential exhibition in Asia, affecting other countries in Asia. As an important partner of China’s “the Belt and Road” initiative, Pakistan’s local metal processing, steel structure industry, machinery manufacturing and other projects are also constantly looking for more reliable Chinese laser enterprises for cooperation. The road is at your feet, and if you walk, you will reach it. XT Laser actively responded to the “the Belt and Road” initiative, continued to explore the regional market, enabled the intelligent development of local manufacturing industry, and made laser manufacturing create unlimited possibilities in the future!

The excitement goes beyond this

March 7-9

Karachi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Pakistan

B40 XT Laser Booth

Looking forward to meeting you again

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