Laser Cutting Machine Antifreeze Measures in Winter

The severe winter is coming, with the temperature gradually decreasing throughout the country, your laser cutting equipment also needs to keep warm and add antifreeze for antifreeze, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Cold winter climate, so we need to master the antifreeze operation of the fiber laser cutting machine. Here is a related introduction for everyone.

If do not use laser cutting machine for a long time, as long as the cooling water into the place, especially the cooling water in the laser cavity and pipeline, it must be thoroughly clean. The laser cutting machine in use is recommended to be opened 24 hours a day to ensure the internal circulation of cooling water.

We must pay attention to the following three aspects:

1. Since the laser cutting machine uses water as a cooling medium, the operating temperature of the laser should be above 5 ° C.

2. In winter, if there is no heating in the workshop, or the ambient temperature may be lower than 5℃. If the laser just does not work at night, or weekends,the machine can still be in open state. In this way, the cooling water is still circulating and will not freeze.

3.If your factory or workshop is on holiday for a long time and the machine does not run. Be sure to pay attention to the winter heat treatment of the machine. Be sure to drain all water from the chiller, laser, cutting head, lens, and water to prevent icing and damage to the machine.

Liquids all have “freezing point”. When the temperature of the liquid is lower than this “freezing point” temperature, it will solidify to form a solid, while the deionized water or purified water will solidify during the solidification process, which will “break” the pipes of the water cooling system Damage due to sealing.

The above is related to the anti-freezing technique operation of metal fiber laser cutting machine in winter. We must pay attention to the relevant common knowledge. Only being familiar with the anti-freezing technique operation can we better maintain our own laser cutting equipment. If you want to know more about the machine, please contact us.

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