Laser Cleaning Machine Contributes to Environmental Protection Business

At present, China advocates the development of green and environmental-friendly emerging industries. Laser processing is the leading direction to promote green and environmental-friendly, efficient processing and intelligent manufacturing. Under the circumstance, the industrial market has high requirements to the equipment and its supporting process requirements. The overall market capacity is relatively large.

As a new cleaning method, laser cleaning technology belongs to the high-tech field supported by the state. Different from the traditional cleaning method, it is a “green” cleaning technology. 

Laser cleaning machine uses laser pulses to remove pollution layers. If the contamination layer is thick, multiple pulses are required for cleaning.The number of pulses required to clean the surface depends on surface contamination. An important result of the two thresholds is the automatic control of the cleaning. The laser pulse whose energy density is higher than the first threshold will remove contaminants until it reaches the base material. However, because its energy density is lower than the damage threshold of the substrate material, the substrate will not be damaged. Laser cleaning will not produce any dust and pollutants, and there is no need to wear protective equipment when working.

The cleaning range of fiber laser cleaner includes: surface cleaning before welding, paint removal of metal surface paint (full paint removal, semi-paint removal or paint removal of designated parts), derusting of metal surface, cleaning of various industrial products or molds. The application areas include mold industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, food processing, sewage treatment, rubber tires, petrochemicals, etc. With the maturity and popularization of laser cleaning technology, the surface treatment technology in the world has made a qualitative leap, the concept of “green” cleaning has been deeply rooted in people’s minds.

Environmental protection is also the philosophy that Senfeng Laser has always adhered to. In the future, we will take this path more firmly and contribute our own strength to the cause of world environmental protection.

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