Laser Cladding Machine Applied in Hydraulic Support Industry

Hydraulic support column is the key equipment of coal mine machinery. It works in acid and alkaline corrosive medium for a long time, and the surface of the column bears corrosion, wear and impact. In previous years, the column remanufacturing and repair technology mostly adopted electroplating process, but the repaired column has short service life, less repairable times and environmental pollution problems. Today SENFENG laser show the use of high-speed laser cladding machine to replace the original electroplating for column repair.

High speed laser cladding technology is also called metal surface coating and it is to heat the powder particles to close to the melting temperature and spray them to the substrate surface at high speed. The metal powder forms molten particles at high temperature. Metallurgical bonding can be produced only by short contact with the molten pool of the substrate.

The cladding coating completed by high speed laser cladding machine has high metallurgical quality, low dilution rate, small deformation and high surface finish.It belongs to advanced environmental protection remanufacturing technology. In the field of industrial remanufacturing, it can greatly reduce the subsequent machining cost of enterprises, effectively prolong the service life of products and save a lot of later maintenance costs for enterprises.

Compared with electroplating, high speed laser cladding machine is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more in line with the national policies on remanufacturing, energy regeneration, resource regeneration and resource-saving society. Third, it has high bonding strength, small deformation and high precision. Fourth, the thickness of repair can be adjusted according to demand or repeated. Fifth, the cost of electricity is lower than that of electroplating.

Compared with spraying, first, spraying is a hot-melt phenomenon, which only allows the powder on the spraying to adhere to the workpiece surface, and the substrate does not melt, so the powder and the substrate are not integrated, while cladding is that the substrate and powder melt at the same time, and then the two are combined together, so the bonding force is stronger. Second, the laser cladding alloy layer is more dense, finer micro-structure, the composition is more uniform, and the corrosion resistance and better wear resistance.

High speed laser cladding use metal powder to cladding the surface of hydraulic prop. When cladding, the dilution rate is less than 3%, the thinner cladding layer thickness can meet the requirements, and with high powder utilization rate. After cladding, the properties of cladding layer are analyzed and studied by scanning electron microscope, hardness tester, wear tester and salt spray tester. The results show that the wear resistance of the cladding layer is much higher than that of the base material. The cladding layer is metallurgically bonded with the matrix. The cladding layer has high microhardness and strong corrosion resistance, so the service life of the column has been greatly improved.

Compared with the traditional electroplating process, under the same working conditions of the same coal mine, the actual service life of the scrapped hydraulic support column remanufactured by the high-speed laser cladding system of SENFENG high-speed laser equipment cladding column and electroplating repair column is longer than that of the traditional new hydraulic support column with chromium plating on the surface. This fact shows that high-speed laser cladding is an advantageous choice in the application of hydraulic support. Compared with the traditional metal surface treatment technology, it has obvious advantages and has a good application prospect.


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