Laser cladding equipment contributes to industrial environmental protection

Energy-saving, emission reduction and global warming are all issues that everyone is focusing on today. Wind power and water power, as pollution-free and zero-pollution new energy sources, have made great contributions to environmental protection.

In China, the power equipment is widely distributed, and the damage rate of its parts is high. The components of the generator equipment are exposed to natural gas, high temperature, high pressure and corrosive substances in the working natural environment. Long-term use of machinery and equipment is likely to be partially damaged due to embrittlement. In order to extend the life of expensive production line , laser cladding equipment can be used to repair them, especially the blades of the generator set. Usually its engineering cost is extremely high. Reinstalling and reusing the repaired blades can reduce the cost of the power plant.

Generator blade drive shaft

Laser cladding machine is a key production and processing technology for surface modification of materials. 

The heat of the laser is used to quickly melt aluminum alloys with different compositions and properties on the surface of the plate, and an aluminum alloy layer is formed on the surface of the plate, and the aluminum alloy layer is quickly condensed. This processing technology has little harm to the material and no deformation. The molten aluminum alloy has the characteristics of high density, optimized crystals and good ductility, which can greatly improve the surface properties. Laser cladding technology solves a series of bottlenecks such as thermal deformation and heat loss that are inevitable in the heat treatment process of traditional arc welding and argon arc welding machines.

With the rapid development of industrial manufacturing, laser cladding equipment is mainly used in three levels:

Surface modification of raw materials, such as turbine generator blades, hot-rolled strip steel, etc.

Repair parts, such as large planet carrier, large planet gear, etc.

Rapid manufacturing, that is, the metal powder is calcined step by step to quickly produce a solid model.

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