Italy MECSPE 2024 | Accelerate the Transformation and Sustainable Development of Manufacturing Industry

Exhibition Name: Italy MECSPE 2024

Time: Mar. 6-8, 2024

Add: BolognaFiere Exhibition Center (Viale della Fiera, 20, 40128 Bologna BO)

SENFENG Booth: Hall-16  B76

[Technology Without Limits]

In the wake of a resounding success in 2023, over 2000 exhibitors and nearly 60,000 visitors are attracted around the world at this year’s exhibition. As shown in incomplete statistics, three out of four visitors look forward to talking with global peers and customers and would like to learn more messages about cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

MECSPE 2024 focuses on the transformation and sustainable development of manufacturing industry and tries to guide enterprises in Italy and all exhibitors to take a road of rapid growth from a global perspective. As a new guidance for further development, MECSPE 2024 gives priority to environmental protection, which holds the same view with SENFENG Laser in terms of production.

As the crowd watched, our skilled engineers carry out proofing at the exhibition site. Different types of metals are machined in order, so as to take on the most real-life effects for onlookers. In this way, they may get the useful reference before making up their mind to purchase favorite machines.

[Machines on Display]

1. BDE5016 Series Hydraulic Bending Machine

   Main Highlights

* Model at entry level

Bending force: 500kN, bending length: 1600mm

* Small footprint


* Make sure of bending precision

Mechanical deflection compensation system

* Other 30+ models also available

Max bending force: 6000kN, bending length: 6000mm

Context of Use

The machine is mainly applied to fields in need of high-standard workpieces like auto parts, kitchenware and bathroom hardware, goods shelf, gardening tools, chair and other furnishings.

2. 5S Series Air-cooling Handheld Laser Welding Machine  

Main Highlights

* New air cooling pattern

Minimally-designed model, no need for circulating water or extra devices

* 4-in-1 function

Welding, cutting, cleaning and weld seam cleaning

* Small in size

Net weight: 45-55kg, occupied area: <0.23m2

* Smart interconnection

Interconnect with industrial robots to automate your welding

Context of Use

This light-weight machine is easy to carry and move. Coupled with 10m long line of welding gun, outdoor work is made possible. We are more inclined to recommend this new machine to small-sized enterprises even individual shops.

3. Robot-assisted Laser Welding Machine

Main Highlights

* 6-axis linkage industrial robot

360°automatic welding

* Fit for relatively thick sheet

Max thickness of sheet: 7mm

* User-friendly design

An integrated machine with universal casters for ease of movement

* Handle with high-reflectivity metals

Weld both stainless steel and AL alloy at high quality

Context of Use

In view of hand operation replaced by industrial robot, manual intervention is effectively minimized to make workpiece of high quality consistent with each other. Besides, welding in batch is also made possible for users.

[Inspiration for SENFENG]

After the exhibition ended, SENFENG aspires to fall its eco-friendly idea into place at all stages from R&D, design, production to the late maintenance and repair. As thus, our users will be gradually immersive into the upgrade of traditional manufacturing industry. This exhibition is also about to impel its exhibitors to move towards the Industry 5.0 and people-oriented age of industry.

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