Industry 4.0 and the production of bending machines

Industry 4.0 is a concept put forward by the German government in 2011, foreseeing the imminent arrival of the fourth industrial revolution. Based on a new generation of information technology such as the Internet, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, it realizes the digitalization, networking and intelligence of the production process. The core lies in the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things through the information physical system (CPS), and the construction of a highly flexible production model of personalized and digitalized products and services.

In Industry 4.0, all production equipment is equipped with sensors and actuators, which are connected through wireless networks to form a huge Internet of Things (IoT). Through the IoT, production equipment can exchange information in real time, work together, and realize automated production. For example, an intelligent manufacturing system can automatically complete the entire process of order processing, production planning, production execution, and quality control without human intervention.

Meanwhile, Industry 4.0 uses big data and artificial intelligence technology to monitor and optimize the production process in real time, improving production efficiency and product quality. By collecting and analyzing the massive amount of data in the production process, the production process can be finely adjusted to improve production efficiency and product quality. The application of artificial intelligence technology will also bring more intelligence and automation to the production process, such as self-optimization and adjustment of production equipment through machine learning and deep learning technology.

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