How to use torsion axis press brake controller-ES10

Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD. is a comprehensive high-tech equipment manufac-turing enterprise. The company is located in Shuanggao Road, Gaochun Zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. It has 12000sqm and 60 workers inside. And can produce 80 sets press brake and shear each months max. Making quality sheet metal machines and been Leading exporter modern enterprise is Primapress focus and ambitions.

The company mainly produces various types of press brake machine, plate shearing machine, and laser cutting machine, etc.,


Today we will introduce how to use the torsion axis press brake ES10 controller. Our Primapress press brake machine have been debugged before shipping. After receiving the machine, the customer only needs to input the material, length and thickness of the bent plate and the angle at which they want to bend. The operation is simple and easy to get started. No additional time is required to train users.

the program page of the controller

The picture is the program page of the controller. When you turn on the power and open the system, this page will appear.

Next, you only need to follow the instructions and enter the following data, then you can bending.

  • clickthickness of the plate , input the thickness of the plate
  • Click width of the plate, input the width of the plate
  • Click Setback distance of X-axis,  input the Setback distance of X-axis (back gauge), it ) can be set at each step.
  • Click the bend angle, input the angle you want to bend, like 90degrees.

Complete the above input and click start , then can bend.

In addition, it should be noted that replace the V-slot of the bottom die, the ratio of the thickness to the V-slot is 1:8, for example, the bend thickness is 1mm, you should choose the V8 slot, if the bend thickness is 2mm, you should choose the V16 slot, like so on.

After you changed the V-slot, Click mold editing page on the program page to enter the mold editing page, as shown below:

 the mold editing page

We will also place the operating instructions in the machine. Before operation, you need to read the instructions carefully. In addition, our Primapress company will have a after-sales team to serve you 24 hours a day. If you have any questions during use, please contact Primapress at any time, we will solve it for you as soon as possible.

the torsion axis press brake ES10 controller

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