How to choose high-quality domestic laser cutting machines

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With the rapid development of the metal material processing industry, domestic laser cutting machines have also entered a historical stage and gradually matured. By 2020, many powerful domestic laser cutting machines have gradually been replaced by large-scale laser cutting machines based on their own strength and advantages. Imported laser cutting machine. However, there are also some domestically produced laser cutting machines in the market with varying quality. New Tian Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers Share How to Choose High Quality Domestic Laser Cutting Machines.

The accuracy of laser cutting machines determines the cutting quality.

Previously, domestic laser cutting machines were mainly based on CO2 laser cutting machines, while CO2 laser cutting machines were not very high in terms of cost and accuracy. However, with the development of the laser cutting machine industry, competition has become increasingly fierce, and more and more manufacturers have higher requirements for metal material cutting, such as the processing of high-precision workpieces, which require relatively high accuracy for these components, This forces high-quality and powerful domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers to develop high-quality fiber laser cutting machine products to meet all the needs of product manufacturers.

Secondly, laser cutting machines must have stability.

The stability of a laser cutting machine depends not only on hardware configuration, but also on the functionality of the software and the coordination between software and hardware. At present, some manufacturers in the market do not have core technology in software and have to deal with hardware in order to gain a share in the laser cutting machine market. They just want to exchange market share at a low price. Such laser cutting machines are absolutely unacceptable.

Thirdly, the durability of laser cutting machines is very important.

The prices of domestic laser cutting machines vary greatly in the market. Some laser cutting machines can be purchased for tens of millions, while others can cost thirty to forty thousand or even millions. This is the difference in the configuration of laser cutting machines. The core accessories of high-quality domestic laser cutting machines, such as cutting heads, lasers, and control systems, are all international first-class brands. The core configuration and technical cost determine its price. Products with good technical configuration and low prices are likely just bragging by some merchants. It is estimated that knowledgeable clients will not choose them. It is unethical for a company not to make money.

4、 The efficiency of laser cutting machines is crucial.

The fierce competition in the metal processing industry has led to lower and lower costs for laser processing, which requires an increase in processing speed. For example, the laser cutting machine used by one factory can cut 1000 pieces per hour, while the laser cutting machine used by another factory can cut 2000 pieces per hour. Costs related to venue, labor, management, etc. Each factory uses the same. Obviously, the benefits of the latter are much greater, and the former will definitely be eliminated in market competition.

5. second-hand imported equipment is not advisable.

It can be said that imported second-hand laser cutting machines have been in use for a long time. The eliminated machine has a complex structure and many components have aged. It is difficult to find substitutes in the market. Apart from cost, the imported machines are basically not optimized for Chinese, and the operating interfaces are all in English. Laser processing manufacturers also need to hire operators who can understand English or provide training for operators, which is another expense. Domestic laser cutting machines can be said to have completely won in this regard.

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