How to Choose Gas for Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Gas selection is important for metal laser cutting machines

Why does a metal laser cutting machine require gas? When cutting metal materials, the laser cutting machine requires gas to blow away the residue, in order to achieve ideal cutting results. Secondly, while using gas to blow away the slag, it is to protect the lens and prevent the slag from sticking to the lens, which affects the cutting quality. Generally, we choose four gases: nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and air. So how do we choose these four gases?

Before figuring out how to choose an auxiliary gas, it is first necessary to understand what results will be generated when using gas.

Metal laser cutting machine uses air cutting

Air can be directly provided by an air compressor, so it is very cheap compared to other gases. Although the air contains approximately 20% oxygen, the cutting efficiency is much lower than that of oxygen, and the cutting ability is similar to that of nitrogen. There may be a trace of oxide film on the cutting surface, but it can be used as a measure to prevent the coating layer from falling off. The end face of the incision turns yellow.

The main materials applicable include aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless copper, brass, electroplated steel plate, non-metallic, etc. However, when cutting products with high quality requirements, aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. are not suitable for air because air can oxidize the base material.

Metal laser cutting machine uses nitrogen gas for cutting

Some metals use oxygen to form an oxide film on the cutting surface during cutting, and nitrogen can be used to prevent the occurrence of oxide film in non oxidizing cutting. So, it has the characteristics of direct welding, coating, and strong corrosion resistance. The end face of the incision turns white.

The main applicable plates include stainless steel, electroplated steel plate, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.

Metal laser cutting machine uses oxygen cutting

Mainly used for laser cutting of carbon steel. By utilizing oxygen reaction heat to improve cutting efficiency on a large scale, the generated oxide film can increase the spectral absorption factor of the reflective material’s beam. The end face of the incision turns black or dark yellow.

Mainly suitable for rolling steel, rolling steel for welding construction, carbon steel for mechanical construction, high tension plates, tool plates, stainless steel, electroplating steel plates, copper, copper alloys, etc.

Metal laser cutting machine uses argon gas cutting

Argon is an inert gas used in laser cutting machines to prevent oxidation and nitridation. It is also used in welding and is more expensive compared to other processing gases, resulting in increased costs. The end face of the incision turns white.

The main materials used are titanium, titanium alloys, etc.

In the above content, many gases can be used universally, with a focus on considering cutting costs and product requirements, such as cutting stainless steel materials. When there are not high requirements for product quality or surface quality, such as cutting products that require painting and other processing processes in the later stage, air can be used as the cutting gas, which can reduce a lot of costs. When the cut product is the final product and there is no subsequent process, protective gases such as process products need to be used. Therefore, during the cutting and cutting process, it is necessary to choose the gas according to the characteristics of the product.

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