How to choose between NC and CNC press brakes?

Large-batch production: CNC press brakes are suitable for large-scale production needs, as they can enhance production efficiency and consistency.

High precision requirements: For industries that require high precision and accuracy in part manufacturing, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, and electronics, CNC press brakes are the preferred choice.

Complex parts: CNC press brakes can handle complex part bending, including parts with multiple bending angles and curves.

Automation: They typically offer higher levels of automation, capable of automatically executing bending tasks, reducing the need for operator intervention.

Higher cost: CNC press brakes are generally priced higher due to their advanced control systems and capabilities. They are typically suitable for applications with high production demands and precision requirements.

Of course, any factory that requires a bending machine can choose a CNC press brake, as it is suitable for various types of sheet metal bending processes.

Decorative Industry: Cabinets, cupboards, elevators, doors, windows, curtain walls, etc.

Construction Industry: Steel structures, towers, bridges, etc.

Machinery Manufacturing: Environmental protection equipment, livestock equipment, solar equipment, insulation materials, transformers, etc.

Electrical and Power Industry: Electric poles, lamp posts, electrical equipment, electronic devices, etc.

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