How to Choose a Suitable Laser Cutting Machine?

As for the size, the mainstream is 3015, which is 3 meters by 1.5 meters. However, size is not an issue. Generally speaking, companies will have multiple types of sizes for customers to choose from. The size of the workbench can generally be customized by manufacturers according to customer needs. Regarding the issue of burr, this process is actually what a customer is most concerned about. Generally speaking, solid yag has some burrs, which is mainly determined by the thickness of the cutting material and the use of different gases. Generally, there is no burr when the diameter is less than 4 mm. The gas has the best impact on nitrogen and oxygen, followed by the worst impact on air. The advantage of laser cutting of metal materials lies in thin plates. If you want to cut thick plates, it is recommended to choose CO2 cutting machine control or water cutting technology, etc. In addition, if you want to reduce burrs, you can choose a fiber laser cutting machine, which cuts the surface very smoothly and quickly.

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