How to Choose a Proper Model of Metal Laser Cutting Machine in SENFENG Laser?

Basically when we start to consider about buying a new laser cutting machine, we are at the same time pushing ourselves to consider some points before decision. And How to get a proper suggestions of the machine models in SENFENG Laser? With several experiences of decision making, I am going to share with you some ideas and hope to be helpful in some way.

 The following factors determine which laser cutting machine model you consider to choose in SENFENG:

1. Cutting purpose

You must consider, what kind of material you want to cut, Plate, Tube, or plate + tube cutting in one machine?

2. Material specification

What material you want to cut, what is the raw material size? thickness?

3. Factory space

How is your factory condition and how much space you preserved for the laser cutting machine?

4. Think about now and future

What is the current business you are doing, what is future plan? Think for the best.

5. Working Efficiency

How is the efficiency you expected for the laser cutting machine?

6. New Business opportunities

If you are willing to expand the laser cutting business to a bigger scale, if so will you choose a bigger power of machine?

7. Process After Laser Cutting

Will you think about processing steps after laser cutting? Bending? Welding? Cleaning? These SENFENG all can support.

8. Budget Plan

This point just think by yourself is fine. How much you want to invest in the laser cutting business, how long time you expect the machine will earn back the cost?

 With 17 years rich experience in laser industry, SENFENG have developed stable models of laser equipment for variety choices from customers in 170+ countries. Basically, there are several models that is most popular in SENFENG production line: G model; H Model; T Model; M model; HM model; R model. The main features are listed for each model below for your reference.

G model

Open Type; Single Table;

Cutting range: 3000X1500 – 6000X2000 mm

Cost Effective model. Easy installation and operation.

Power Range: 1KW-3KW


H Model

Closed Type; Exchange Table

Cutting range: 3000X1500 – 12000X2500 mm

High efficiency cutting machine.

Can work together with auto loading unloading system

Power Range: 8KW-36KW



T Model

Professional Tube cutting Machine

Tube cutting range: 6m length; Dia max 350mm

Optional With Auto loading system

Power Range: 1KW-4KW




M model

Open Type;

Plate + Tube cutting in one machine;

Plate Cutting range: 3000X1500 – 6000X1500 mm

Tube Cutting Range: 6m length; Dia max 220mm

Power Range: 1KW-3KW



HM model

Closed Type;

Plate + Tube cutting in one machine;

Plate Cutting range: 3000X1500 – 8000X2500 mm

Tube Cutting Range: 6m length; Dia max 220mm

Power Range: 1.5KW-36KW



Ultra large plate cutting machine

Plate cutting range: 12000X3000 /20000X4000 mm.

Superb large scale cutting solution

Power Range: 1.5KW-12KW



 Above is some suggestions of how to choose a proper model of Laser cutting machine in SENFENG company. Of course the best and fastest way is contact SENFENG’s professional sales consultant directly.  

Laser cutting business is booming across the world, SENFENG in mainland China and it’s sub-branch companies in USA, Germany, India, Pakistan, Serbia will offer our best product and best services to every corner of the world, Sincerely hope to set up the new laser cutting business with you together.If you want to know more about our products,please contact us.

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