How to choose a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

With the increasing advancement of laser technology, more and more metal processing companies choose fiber laser cutting machines for processing and production. However, due to the high price of fiber laser cutting machines, many customers do not have enough budget to purchase high-power fiber laser cutting machines. Therefore, how to buy the most suitable laser cutting machine within a limited budget becomes particularly important.There are several factors to consider:

Cutting Quality

Surface Roughness:Observe the surface roughness of the product after cutting. The depth of the grain determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The shallower the grain, the smoother the cutting surface.

Whether the surface has burrs:Observe whether there are burrs on the surface of the cut product. The generation of burrs is a very important factor in judging the quality of laser cutting machines. If there are a lot of burrs on the cutting surface, it indicates that the power of the laser cutting machine cannot reach or there are other technical problems.

Whether the workpiece is deformed: During cutting, the area around the laser beam will be instantly heated, and the metal material will undergo subtle changes. Controlling the laser power and using short laser pulses can reduce part heating and avoid deformation.

Quality of Core Components

When choosing a practical laser cutting machine, also pay attention to its core components. The core components of the laser cutting machine include: laser, laser head, servo motor, etc. Although foreign lasers and servo motors are more advanced in technology, they are also relatively expensive. SF3015S affordable fiber laser cutting machine adopts SENFENG self-produced laser and laser head, which is affordable and can ensure the stability of machine operation.

Choose a Reliable Manufacturer
With the gradual expansion of the laser cutting machine market, a large number of laser cutting machine manufacturers have emerged. However, if you want to ensure the actual processing efficiency of the equipment, you still need to choose a more reliable manufacturer, which can provide better production technology and strength, and can also ensure the provision of more efficient equipment. Taking SENFENG Laser as an example, SENFENG has been focusing on R&D and production of laser cutting systems since 2004, and its product quality and precision are the best in the industry. In addition, SENFENG has service centers in many countries around the world, which can provide customers with good after-sales service. When purchasing a laser cutting machine, it is necessary not only to combine the requirements of production efficiency and processing accuracy, but also to consider the reliability of the manufacturer, so as to choose a cost-effective laser cutting machine equipment.

After-sales Service

No matter how good the quality of a laser cutting machine is, we will inevitably encounter various problems in the actual use process. At this time, whether the manufacturer can respond in time and solve it in time is also a problem that customers need to focus on. From online to door-to-door service, SENFENG provides a comprehensive system to ensure the normal and efficient operation of your equipment. With a large crew of well trained customer service engineers 24/7 available on line, you can rest assured that you’ll get the top level service from us.

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