How much is the approximate cost of selecting a laser cutting machine?

How much is the approximate cost of selecting a laser cutting machine?
XT Plane Laser Cutting Machine
For investors, the choice of laser cutting machine, metal materials to carry out crushing processing, is a very good investment opportunity. Now on the market, this kind of laser cutting machine is still very rich in variety. Can be roughly divided into two categories, plane laser cutting machine and three-dimensional laser cutting machine, then, which will be better to use? How much is one? Next to analyze.
Laser cutting machine which is good to use?
To say which kind of laser cutting machine is good to use, there is no doubt that the plane laser cutting machine is good to use! Why do you say so? The reasons are as follows:
1, full-featured, flexible configuration
The equipment is a set of cutting, marking and other steps as a whole, it is equivalent to a complete metal flat sheet production line, but also in accordance with the actual situation of the material as well as the standard of processing technology, to the flexible configuration of the equipment.
2、All-in-one machine, more convenient access to the site
The equipment is the laser, machine tools, cutting head and other equipment, reasonable arrangement in the equipment, integrated machine, a very big solution to the complexity of the equipment installation time, ready to use at any time to go, in and out of the site convenient and free.
3、Cutting, marking dual-use, to ensure continuous operation
The equipment is to support cutting, marking dual-use, for cutting and marking requirements of the production site is very suitable, do not have to worry about the problem of idle equipment, can be 24 hours of continuous processing operation.
4, strong sealing, green operation
The overall sealing performance of the laser cutting machine is strong, and equipped with dust and noise reduction devices. In addition, off-site can also add dust removal devices, easy to pass the environmental assessment, production more assured.
How much does a laser cutting machine cost?
In recent years, the rise of the metal material processing equipment market, attracting a large number of friends around. Take the domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers, large and small add up, not thousands have to have a few hundred it. Different manufacturers of equipment produced by the raw materials, production processes, product quality performance, etc., there are certainly differences. Therefore, this has resulted in different manufacturers to provide the price of laser cutting machine more or less different.
In addition, the configuration of the laser cutting machine as well as specifications, etc., are there are many kinds, here can only give a rough quote, we take the 1000W laser cutting machine as an example, the market price of a single unit is about 200,000-500,000 yuan (for reference only).
Therefore, to understand how much money is needed to buy a laser cutting machine, according to the user’s actual needs to choose.

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