How does the welding machine play a role in the automotive industry?

The automobile industry is a comprehensive industry developed on the basis of many related industries and technologies. Nowadays, many manufacturers use laser welding and laser cutting technology in automobile processing. Because of its excellent performance, the fiber laser welding machine is used in automobile manufacturing on a large scale and has become one of the outstanding achievements. And in order to meet the needs of large batches and high automation, laser welding equipment is gradually developing in the direction of high-power and multi-channel.

It has the following advantages:

1. The welding head can be directly held by hand, equipped with laser device, the production efficiency is greatly improved;

2. Continuous wave output, good welding compactness and high strength;

3. The laser heat is concentrated, the welding speed is fast, and the thermal deformation is small;

4. Non-contact welding. 

Because the energy comes from the laser device, there is no physical contact with the workpiece, so no force is applied to the workpiece. In addition, the magnetic field has no effect on laser welding.

It is mainly used in the following areas:

1. Car body welding.

Fiber laser welders are generally used in the assembly and connection of body stamping parts. For example, the welding of roof cover , trunk cover and the frame. Another important thing is the welding of the car body structure (including the door, the body side frame and the column, etc.). The main reason for using fiber laser welder in these places is to improve the strength of the car body and to solve the difficulty of conventional resistance spot welding in some parts.

2. Welding of different thickness plates.

Unequal thickness plate welding can reduce the body weight, the number of parts, improve the safety and reliability.

3. Welding of gears and transmission parts.

Various parts of the gearbox can be welded by laser welding machine, especially the driving shaft in the car gearbox.

SENFENG fiber laser welding machine is used to weld thin metal. It has three welding method: vertical welding, parallel welding, and stitch welding. The laser power is from 1000w to 1500w. The welding gap should be ≤1/5 of the thickness of sheet metal. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us. 

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