How Does A Metal Tube Laser Cutter Work?

Metal tube laser cutter is a high-quality fiber laser cutting machine that can achieve high-speed and high-efficiency cutting of metal round pipes, square pipes, special-shaped pipes and other metal shapes. Especially with the popularization and promotion of the concept of automation in recent years, the newly upgraded metal tube laser cutting machine can realize automatic production and processing, which is faster, more accurate, saves time and labor, and reduces costs.

Principle of Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The main working principle of the laser tube cutting machine is to use the laser beam emitted by the laser to generate heat energy, and to cooperate with the motion mechanical system to realize the pipe cutting. The intelligent system controls the cutting of pipes, which can improve production efficiency.

Advantages of Metal Tube Laser Cutter

1. Flexibility.

The fiber laser tube cutting machine can cut any pattern on the metal pipe. At the same time, the metal laser tube cutting machine can be cut in any direction and angle, providing technical support for more and more personalized processing. And the laser tube cutting machine does not need to open the mold for the first time, reducing the cost of the first mold opening of the traditional equipment.

2. Accuracy

Compared with traditional processing equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, and water jet cutting, the precision of laser cutting metal materials is much higher. At the same time, different materials may undergo slight expansion and contraction deformation during the processing process, and the laser pipe cutting machine can flexibly adjust according to these deformations, with higher accuracy.

How to Use and Maintain A Metal Tube Laser Cutter

Metal tube laser cutting machine is specially tailored for pipe processing customers, filling the gap in pipe processing technology. It has many advanced features such as convenient operation, high automation, high-speed and high-precision cutting, and adapting to the needs of large-scale industrial production, and has become the first choice for the equipment pipe processing industry. At present, laser tube cutting machines have been successfully applied to various metal tube processing industries such as fitness equipment, agricultural machinery, residential pipelines, construction machinery, vehicle manufacturing, special vehicles, and electrical manufacturing.So in our daily use, how to make the fiber laser tube cutting machine run efficiently?

1. Do not adjust the pressing speed too fast: the pressing speed of the fiber laser tube cutting machine should not be adjusted too fast during cutting, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the saw blade and gear components in the gearbox.

2. Do not touch the running chuck: When the metal tube laser cutting machine is working, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the clamping part of the chuck is loose, and the hand should not touch the saw blade running at high speed.

3.Equipment Abnormalities and Routine Maintenance: If the metal tube laser cutting machine is abnormal during the operation, the power should be cut off immediately, and the technicians of the relevant departments should be notified to carry out maintenance and inspection. In daily maintenance, after the fiber laser pipe cutting machine equipment is finished, the staff should immediately cut off the power supply of the equipment, clean the slag, clean the body, and clean the surrounding environment.

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