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Laser welding machine is to radiate high-intensity laser beam to the metal surface, and melt the metal through the interaction between laser and metal to form welding. Laser welding has high energy density and small laser spot diameter. Its energy density is more than 100 times higher than that of conventional welding. It has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small workpiece deformation, fine and beautiful weld, simple use and good quality of welding finished products. It is suitable for welding a variety of metals and their alloy materials

After years of development, SENFENG LEIMING laser has provided a complete set of laser processing solutions and related supporting facilities for customers at home and abroad with handheld laser welding machine, wire filling laser welding machine, robot laser welding machine, laser cladding machine, laser cleaning machine, laser marking machines, fiber laser cutting machines, bending machine and related non-standard automation equipment. Applications cover electronic circuits, integrated circuits, instruments and meters, printed circuits, computer manufacturing, mobile communication, auto parts, precision instruments, building materials, clothing, urban lighting, gold and silver jewelry, craft gifts, printing plate making and other industries.

SENFENG LEIMING laser have 1000w,1500w,2000w power laser welder,you can choose machine depends on your demand. For example, 2000w laser welder can weld 0.5-4mm steel,0.5-3mm aluminum. But the above data is based on the triangular light spot. Due to the difference of the plate and labor, please refer to the actual welding.


Next, we will introduce why we choose laser welding machine, and the design and function of handheld laser welding machine

1. Smart internal design and good interactive control system expand the tolerance range of machined parts and weld width, solve the disadvantage of small light spot and good weld forming.

2. Lightweight shape, ergonomic design method, comfortable grip. Easy to control with one hand, easy to operate.

3. With multiple safety alarms, the light is automatically locked after the workpiece is removed, with high safety.

4. Good weld seam, fast speed, no consumables, no weld marks, no discoloration, and no later grinding.

5. Multiple angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding requirements of different products.

6. With simple operate system, easy to learn and easy to use. It is suitable for all kinds of complex welds and overcomes the limitations of the workbench.

7. In the continuous welding mode, the weld is smooth without fish scale, the welding is beautiful without welding scar, and the subsequent grinding process is reduced.

8. Small welding heat affected zone, good welding quality and small workpiece deformation. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser is up to 30% and with lower energy consumption. 

9. The welding speed is 3-5 times that of argon arc welding, which can save two welding workers.

Application scope of welding machine sheet metal welding, stainless steel, carbon steel, applicable products, all kinds of sheet metal, molds, chassis, water tanks, kitchen and bathroom products, all kinds of hardware lighting, advertising words, billboards, door and window frames, laser welding is widely used in kitchen, household appliances, advertising, molds, stainless steel doors and windows, handicrafts, household products, furniture, auto parts and many other industries.

If you purchase SENFENG fiber laser welder, in order to safeguard your interests and relieve users’ worries, the company promises to provide users with equipment warranty services.And have engineer global online and face to face service. Any question about 1000w,1500w,2000w fiber laser welder free to contact us,our professional sales manager will send you details as soon as possible!


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