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There are various cleaning methods in the traditional cleaning industry, mostly using chemical agents and mechanical methods. With the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection laws and regulations and the increasing awareness of people’s environmental protection and safety, the types of chemicals that can be used in industrial production cleaning will become less and less. How to find a cleaner and non-destructive cleaning method is a problem we have to consider. Laser cleaning system has the characteristics of no grinding, non-contact, no thermal effect and suitable for all kinds of objects. It is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution. At the same time, laser cleaning can solve the problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning methods.

Laser cleaning technology refers to the process of using high-energy laser beam to irradiate the workpiece surface, so that the dirt, rust or coating on the surface can evaporate or peel off instantly, and effectively remove the attachment or surface coating on the surface of the cleaning object at high speed, so as to achieve cleaning.

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The laser cleaning machine is efficient, fast, low cost, small thermal load and mechanical load on the substrate, and the cleaning is non-destructive,the waste is recyclable, no environmental pollution, safe and reliable, and does not damage the health of operators. Colleagues have the characteristics of no grinding and non-contact. They can be used to clean not only organic pollutants, but also inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc. their application effects include rust removal, paint removal, degreasing, cultural relic restoration, glue removal, coating removal deplating.

For example, when submicron pollution particles are adhered to the workpiece surface, these particles often stick very tightly, which can not be removed by conventional cleaning methods, but cleaning the workpiece surface with laser radiation is very effective. In addition, because the laser is non-contact cleaning to the workpiece, it is very safe to clean the precision workpiece or its fine parts, which can ensure its accuracy. Therefore, laser cleaning has unique advantages in the cleaning industry.

Of course, there are many materials to be cleaned by the laser cleaning systems, and the application fields are also very wide. It can be used to remove the coating layer on the surface of metal or glass. It can not only remove all the paint, but also clean the surface paint layer layer layer by layer. Rapid derusting of metal surface and various oxides, remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains and production residues,metal surface roughening,derusting and degreasing of auto parts before welding, and cleaning of oxides and stains after welding, mold cleaning, such as tire mold, electronic mold, food mold. Oil stain removal after precision parts production and processing, Rapid cleaning of nuclear power component maintenance, oxide treatment, paint removal and rust removal in the production or maintenance of aerospace weapons and ships,metal surface cleaning in narrow space, cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, building external surface cleaning.

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