Handheld metal laser welder for medical devices industry

Handheld metal laser welder has been widely used in medical devices industry for its high precision and high quality. The structure of medical devices are extremely small and the process are very complicated, this machine just meets the conditions for processing these complicated devices. Today SENFENG LASER will introduce the advantages of handheld metal laser welder applied for medical devices industry.

1. Less welding slag

Compared with other traditional welding technologies, laser welding technology produces little welding slag and debris, and there is no need to add any adhesive during the welding process, therefore, it can complete the whole welding work of medical devices in a clean room.

2. High welding quality

The equipment adopts domestic or imported laser source, has characteristics of a bigger depth-breadth ratio, higher welding quality, and greater energy utilization ratio, effectively solves the welding quality difficulties of medical devices.

3. Good tightness, high security

Handheld metal laser welding machine adopts sealed structure, effectively protect the safety of operators. At the same time, all the materials need to be welded have been strictly tested, effectively ensure the anti-pollution requirements of medical devices production site.

4. Widely application

The equipment is widely used in the welding production of zebra guide wire, disposable stone extraction basket, disposable airway guide wire, nasal bile drainage catheter,cardiac pacemaker and other medical devices.

These are the advantages of handheld metal laser welder applied for medical devices industry. To know more details about our machine, just contact us as soon as possible.

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