Ground Wire Installation for CNC Woodworking Router Machine

Installation of woodworking CNC router ground wire

Woodworking CNC router ground wire

Woodworking CNC router is a known wood processing industry is one of the commonly used equipment, its shell is usually made of metal material, so woodworking CNC router must install grounding device, in order to be able to lead the current earth, in order to avoid electric shock accidents. So, how to install ground wire for woodworking CNC router?

1. The correct installation of the equipment to ensure that the ground can be quickly released to the ground.

2. To connect the interface must be installed, we must pay attention to the protection of the ground, can not often collision.

3. Verify the voltage level of the grounding rod is consistent with the voltage level of the operating equipment.

4. In the work site in two sections at both ends of hanging ground, so the user inverse power transmission, electric induction, suffer the examples are many.

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