Greiner Industries Installs Hines Heat Induction Bender

FORT MYERS, Fla.–Hines Bending Systems Inc., today announced it had completed the installation of its Model 810 Induction Bending Machine for Greiner Industries in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

“We chose Hines Bending because of their induction bending expertise and having many induction benders in service,” said Frank Greiner, President and CEO of Greiner Industries. Greiner said, “It was reassuring to speak with Hines Bending’s current customers who attested to their involvement before and after the sale. We were satisfied we had chosen the right company with whom to partner. Hines Bending’s flexible approach to our special request yielded dramatic improvements, in our plant utilization, and also in production. While we requested they change their current design of the foot print to lower the 125 foot long machine 12 inches below floor level, we were not sure they could accommodate us. We were pleasantly surprised with how well the project turned out. Hines Bending was instrumental in helping us increase our production capability, allowing for 180º bends on structural and round pipes up to 32” outside diameters.”

Greiner’s Roll Forming Division needed to seamlessly bend 4 inch to 32 inch pipes, along with other structural shapes for its Department of Transportation products.

Hines Bending Systems CEO James Hynes said, “Greiner’s requirement of lowering the machine 12 inches before installation was challenging; however, this installation has proven to be the flagship of all of our installations. Greiner Industries is fully utilizing its plant space (e.g., they can drive semi-trucks from end-to-end of their facility to accommodate pickups and deliveries, loading and unloading steel products. They can drive heavy equipment throughout the entire building, with their ‘own’ in floor design of the Hines Induction Bender.”

Hynes said, “Frank Greiner had a vision of how he could install a massive piece of equipment, nearly 125 feet long without sacrificing space in his facility. It’s a testament to how a great partnership can yield tremendous benefits; a partnership that is certainly instrumental, not only for increasing production, but also for space saving optimization for the Greiner Roll Bending Division.”

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