Greiner Industries breaks company records with GMK6400

Greiner recently took delivery of a 2017 Grove GMK6400, which is a 450-ton all-terrain crane. The company is completing all types of projects, such as highway projects, construction jobs, factory maintenance and much more.

With only six axles, Greiner has been able to work on job sites where seven-axle cranes can’t fit. Yet, the company still has the lifting power of a 450-ton crane to complete jobs that typically require larger cranes.

For example, a recent project at a local paper company plant. Once a year, the plant shuts down for routine maintenance. Greiner bid on the job to change out an evaporator inside the plant.  Going up against seven-axle, 500-ton cranes owned by its competitors, and with limited space on the job site, Greiner had the advantage with the GMK6400’s compact size.

Initially, our customer was doubtful we could complete the project, but once we showed them the GMK6400 and its capabilities, we were awarded the job. We were less expensive than the bigger cranes and because our crane would take up less space in the plant, the company was able to keep a service line open and continue working.

Greiner lifted inside the plant for 11 days straight, changing out the 15-ton evaporator.  The lifts were up to 150 ft high, and the loads were another 160 ft away from the crane in radius, so Greiner used the GMK6400’s luffing jib to cover the large diameter. The company rigged the luffing jib inside the plant, and then moved the crane into place.

A 300-ton crane couldn’t have made the lift and a 500-ton crane would have been too big for the space.  In the end, we only had 3 ft to spare on either side of the crane.

Greiner also surpassed another company record with the GMK6400, spending 80 straight days lifting on a project at a wastewater treatment plant in Alexandria, Va. This time the company used the crane’s heavy lift jib to tilt and place precast concrete panels. The crane was rigged with 131 ft of main boom, along with the heavy duty jib, to lift 25-ton panels from a radius of 105 ft.

Greiner has also made good use of the crane’s self-rigging MegaWingLift attachment, which boosts capacity by nearly 70 percent. In fact, the company has used the crane in nearly every configuration possible since taking delivery.

Greiner has been performing crane work since 1978 and specializes in infrastructure projects throughout the Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, D.C region.

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