Global Debut! The New Product Release of Senfeng Laser – Ultra Heavy Tube Laser Cutting Machine

On September 26th, Senfeng Laser Ultra Heavy Laser Cutting Machine made its global debut at the production base of Jinan, in order to break the limits and define the future of laser tube cutting machines. Our first ultra heavy laser tube cutter has been unveiled, redefining this industry with our strong R & D capability. 


Senfeng LASER, with its top innovation, independently developed and produced this domestically pioneered new type of tube laser cutter specially designed for thick, long and heavy tubes—the ultra heavy tube laser cutting machine, which filled the gap in the domestic market.

Mr. Du, Marketing Directer of Senfeng Laser, delivered an opening speech. He warmly welcomes guests and friends from all over the world, expressing Senfeng Laser’s determination of the continuous development of more various equipment to meet our customers’ need and become the world top metal fabrication solution provider. 


Then, it’s time for our big launch of the ultra heavy tube laser cutting machine, with the drop of the red veil, there comes magnificence: the innovative slant machine bed ensures easy loading and prolong performance; three heavy machinery chuck make it possible for the stable clamping of super long and thick tubes and make sure we can cut them with the highest level of accuracy. Moreover, for this model, we can customize it with diameter up to 520mm, for tubes widely used in heavy machinery industry, shipbuilding industry, bridge construction and so much more. Demands are calling and we are ready!


SENFENG LASER takes cutting-edge technology as its core mission, create the entire production line with tailor made solutions for metal fabricators both in China and abroad. SENFENG LASER will drive “create in china” to the whole world with leading technical standards and 5-star service. 


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