Full Cover 6kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years, the popularity of fiber laser cutting machines has brought a qualitative leap in processing efficiency in the sheet metal industry. With the continuous maturity of fiber laser technology, there are gradually increasing of the power of laser device for industrialized applications. The 6kw or over ten thousands of power have become standard equipment for many end users. In the development of laser power improvement, many application problems have also completed the process from being discovered to gradually being overcome.

As we all know, metal processing materials mainly include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc. 6kw fiber laser cutter can cut stainless steel about 0.4 – 16mm, brass up to 8mm and aluminum ally about 12mm, but the actual cutting capacity is depends on you materials.And we recommend you our hot sale model SF3015H full enclosed fiber laser cutter,it with 1kw to 6kw and full cover and smaller footprint, perfect match for a 40HQ container!

Recently,one of our customers bought SENFENG 3015H 6kw fiber laser cutting machine, which mainly cutting 3-6mm metal sheet, and the power of 6000W is enough to do a good job at this thickness range. In most case, compared with low-power equipment, the cutting speed and effect of medium or high-power machines is faster and good performance.


If you have a low power laser machine and want to improve your work efficiency or want to get one good quality machine to start a new business,just free to contact SENFENG laser now, we have 6kw fiber laser cutter and 8kw to 36kw high power fiber laser cutter to meet your demand.


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